Sunday, June 12, 2011


MeanMesa Blog Can't Hold Back Any Longer!

Yes, these photos are so explosive that they can no longer be withheld, locked away in the MeanMesa legal staff's closet.  Having received word that the MeanMesa legal team is now prepared for the inevitable countersuits -- at least, as ready as they can be -- the time has come to share these disturbing pictures with the world.

A word of caution.  MeanMesa visitors should encourage anyone under the age of, say, 40, to leave the room.

Breitbart, Camel and Little Boy Photos Revealed!

Here are the photos.  There can be little doubt that something really awful has taken place.

Breitbart lounges in the now infamous bath tub (image source)

Breitbart Camel in Alleged Moment of Orgasm
Little Boy Unable to Deny Breitbart Story (image source)

Highly agitated commentary from the far right has already begun to flow into  the news desk at MeanMesa Galactic Headquarters.

As news of the MeanMesa release spread, National Spokeswoman for family values group, Republicans for Leviticus, Ms. Agnes Piety, issued the following statement this morning.

"We think Breitbart should resign."

Because Mr. Breitbart has no position from which to resign, MeanMesa will have to follow this story to see where it goes.

Probably no where.

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