Friday, June 10, 2011

The "Mercilous Heropass," Dark Matter, Politics and Arthritis

A Quick Note to MeanMesa Visitors

MeanMesa has been taking a bit of a rest for the lest weeks.  The "primary model" had everything to do with an increasing problem with arthritic fingers and a kindly Medicare doctor's suggestion to "lay off" the typing for a while.

Naturally, MeanMesa's thoughts turned to other things during this ruefully imposed, "hog tied" vacation from posting.  For one thing, a few interesting conjectures about the "dark matter problem" inspired some "low typing" mathematics and cosmological physics explorations.  The "dark matter" paradox had captured MeanMesa's curiosity for some time, and this period was a good opportunity to "chase the mouse down the rat hole."

An incomplete, yet rather interesting, conclusion about the issue has begun to "take shape."

Politically, preparations for next year's card campaign have been inching forward.  MeanMesa's determination to decisively oust the GOPCons from their latest looting festival has not faltered.  In fact, the cards themselves -- a low level typing task -- have been progressing nicely.  As the 2012 election approaches, we'll be ready.

The arthritis problem seems to have progressed rapidly in the last few weeks and months.  Happily, scratching out a few doggerel scrawls of gravity equations and overly heated political messages -- in each case, where "neatness" is not an issue for these bony old fingers -- has not been too taxing or too painful.  

Although the kindly doctor suggested shorter posts -- that is, post requiring less typing -- it seems that the loquacious spirit of MeanMesa cannot be so easily curtailed.  However, every effort to shorten future posts, at least for a time, is becoming a necessity which roams quite beyond an editorial appetite.

Visit the blog from time to time.  Your interest is sincerely appreciated!

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