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What We Do and How We Do It

The Diminishing Returns of More Revelations

The reactionaries of the wealth redistribution class knew, by the time of the Inauguration of Ronald Reagan, that the country would have to be divided by any means possible if the longer term plans of the oligarchs were to be realized without conflict.  These early "planners" correctly realized that the US standard of living in the days prior to this political reformation by the wealth class would inevitably present a problem.

Even hungry, desperate people can remember the days when things were good.

Worse, for the those in the wealth class, those memories of "better times" were far too recent and fresh to be simply buffered away as exaggerations and "urban legends."  The residue of that recently purloined prosperity offered up a seemingly endless series of reminders as the features of the by-gone society had to be systematically sold off for food, doctors' bills and mortgage payments.

Because even the low end of the middle class had so recently enjoyed all those elements of a healthy economy, a certain difficulty soon appeared on the otherwise blissful "dream horizon" of these ambitious billionaires.  If the endless hordes of previously middle class Americans could not be split into two -- or more -- manageable groups, sheer numbers would spell out the eventual downfall of the oligarchs' regressive "take over" project.

Hence arose the concept of ideological separation.  With a covey of recently purchased and amalgamated media corporations firmly in hand, the hard work of dividing the country along lines which had no possible remedy was begun immediately.  When we closely examine the social trends which transpired with Reagan at the helm, we see the visible advent of FOX News and the incendiary liars masquerading as conservatives while clinging politely to the hand an Australian fascist and a Saudi Prince with questionable loyalties.

Now, MeanMesa visitors have been through all this before on previous posts.  So, what, exactly, is the point in bringing all this up again right here?

Well, there is a point -- in fact, there are two points.

First, the "division of the country" idea, of necessity, had to be executed among this lower and middle class voting population if the larger scheme was going to garner enough "political cover" to deliver the oligarchs to their "ownership of everything" absent an uprising or class war.  As the lower classes gradually noticed that their part of the national economy was being redistributed upward to the "economic war lord" class, having to deal with only a disgruntled half of them was quite desirable when compared to having to deal with all of them.

Second, even though the faux-ideology and artificial political cover would be temporarily necessary until all the national wealth was safely stored away in the oligarchs' "money bins," a durable part of the middle class would have to remain infatuated with the story line long enough to remove any future democratic challenges to the new ruling class.  To solve this part of the problem, a relentless  glacier of misinformation and inflammatory half truths would be required to sustain the propaganda war's successes.

What we have left as this scheme progresses is essentially an end to the idea of political debate.  Representing the product of the oligarch's necessary plot to divide the country, one side of what might have otherwise been a "debate" has been saturated to a point beyond persuasion with the predictable onslaught of constantly repeated "talking points."

As a consequence, no discourse remains particularly relevant in the cycles of American democracy.  Reduced to its lowest common denominator, elections are now decided largely by a simple count of those who have succumbed to the oligarchs' propaganda program and those who haven't.

These hopeful new "masters of the universe" have even left a small nervous "corner" for those who have not yet entirely bought into the gaseously divisive rhetoric.  The precise name provided for the comfort of these "only partially boiled" eggs is The Independents.

Although touted by the propaganda stream as "independent thinkers" whose remarkable grasp of events leads them to a high borne reluctance to support either party, most of them are simply fickle, information challenged voters who are more afraid of making fools of themselves than they are of permanently losing the democracy.

If there remains a recoverable portion of the electorate whose numbers can be added to a rational voting block, it will be those who simply don't vote.

What We Do

As mentioned before, the final outcome of the 2012 election may well rest with these voters who "simply don't vote." 

All sorts of reasons for "simply not voting" could now fill an even longer posting, but rather than dwell on that question, MeanMesa would like to propose a course of action.  After all, we always feel better when we take action.  Right?

So, what's to be done?

Step one will be a firm, progressive embrace of the demographic fact that when lots of people go to the polls and vote, the Republicans lose.  

The reasons for this are hardly rocket science.  There are certainly not enough rich people to carry an election based primarily on a Republican platform of illicit wealth redistribution upward to the oligarch class.  Hopefully, there are also not enough labor class voters who have been swayed by the application of millions of Citizens United dollars to make up the difference.

We can see, as we reflect on the 2010 election which delivered the House of Representatives to the drooling tea baggers, that the fundamental GOPCon strategy will always be founded firmly on the question of "How many will vote?"

The "Party of Lincoln's" strategy in this matter follows two primary vectors. 

First, the GOPCons' masters have devoted immense resources ($) into the careful manipulation of the minds of voters into a state of dire, stoic, desperation and hopelessness.  This cynical tactic is carried out by the servants of the oligarchs as they issue their daily toxin on the radios and televisions of the "faithful."  The field commanders are psychopaths such as Limbaugh and Beck, and the effort is managed by their "handlers" such as the fascist and Arab who own FOX.

Second, the GOPCons have accumulated plenty of experience at outright voter suppression.  We have all heard about Rove's criminal "caging" operations, but now we see brazen voter registration and identification tactics emerging in the unfortunate states which have "elected" reactionary, democracy hating, GOPCon governors and obedient tribes of dottering hill billies in their legislatures.

The "freedom loving" GOPCons began this approach during the Jim Crow days.  Who knows whether these governors and legislators were even actually elected or not?  Republicans have never met an electronic voting machine they didn't like.

However, the work ahead for responsible Americans could not be presented any more clearly.  Protect the voting population from the suppression and psychological war fare.  Make certain that confident, rational minds are marking the ballots in the 2012.

We, on the other hand, must boost voter turn out.

How We Do It

Of course, we will need to be doing all sorts of things.  However, MeanMesa has taken the first step just last Thursday, adding a powerful weapon to further fortify the progressive ideas which must reach a successful consummation in the 2012.

Nothing boosts morale like more firepower.

Firing up the trusty old Plymouth, we made our way to the nearby OFA headquarters to attend a voter registrar meeting.  The twenty or so Americans sitting around the table with MeanMesa listened to the representative of the New Mexico Secretary of State explain the law about voter registration.

At the end of the instruction session, those attending were sworn in as official voter registrars for voters in our local county.  This means that, henceforth, all of us in that room can sign up unregistered voters, making it possible for them to appear on the voter lists and cast ballots in the upcoming elections.

Official NM Voter Registration Agent (confidential areas deleted)

The official from the Secretary of State's Office for the State  of New Mexico then notarized our voter registrar identification forms, making the process official.  Now, whenever MeanMesa encounters a New Mexican who wants to cast a ballot in the upcoming elections, that voter can be signed up and registered!

This is How We Do It.

Hmmm.  Is this posting just another "pretty face," nestled in among all the other  fascinating MeanMesa stuff on this blog?

Not exactly. 

Consider this little posting to the the "gauntlet cast down."  

YOU can also become a voter registrar!  YOU can do much more than simply post the latest GOPCon reactionary outrages on faceBook!  YOU can register your fellow citizens to vote in the next elections!

The more people vote, the fewer Republicans get elected.

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