Wednesday, July 20, 2011

House Tea Bags After the Fall of FOX

Just an Interesting Question

As we watch the House Republicans careen into an uncertain future, we can imagine that, perhaps, they think that the track under their out of control locomotive actually goes somewhere.  Whatever that dark destination may be, the ties which hold that track are incontrovertibly tied to the now staggering FOX News Leviathan.

The Glorious FOX Route To Congressional Fame (image source )

Previously a stalwart, bed rock foundation for the Republican reactionaries, we now see FOX gleefully dodging the soft bullets of the British Parliament, perhaps a temporary respite before further onslaughts by US authorities and the "nice folks" in its Board of Directors.  Let's just say that FOX is occupied right now, too busy to produce its normal glacial cover for the crooks and other miscreants it managed to elect in 2010.

MeanMesa remains confident that the FOX instructions, orders and talking points still flow in a daily stream to their indentured politicians in the Congress, but when such a petulant, adolescent fascist suddenly realizes that what used to be "Nazi-like efficiency" has cascaded into a divided house, priorities can slip and confusion can set in where there was once mind-numbing order.

This dismal forecast holds just as much for the tea bag in the House as it does for the now wandering bigots, hill billies and other "FOX heads" who used to listen to the rubbish for hours on end.

Without the unifying flow of hate and lies, all these education challenged folk have now become "lost souls."  Using one of their own talking points, the situation can be described as a desperate "crisis in leadership."

Darn.  This always seems to happen when the "leadership" is having their feet cut off at the ankles.

FOX stock is crumbling.  Crowds are cheering.  Murdoch is lying even faster than ever before as he panics, throwing his "colleagues" into the meat grinder, two at a time.

GOPCon House Caucus "Strategy Session" Without FOX ( image source)

A Not So Bright Future for Tea Bags

The moment everyone has been dreading as this whole "crisis in the pig sty" has been unfolding is that last, glorious belch from Murdoch himself.

"Unleash the hill billies!"

Unhappily for the now global "bait and switch" fraud which has been the "Murdoch Media Empire," the hill billies will almost immediately revert to the aimless wandering which characterized them before the FOX sham began.  Bearing their banjos and luke warm cans of Blue Ribbon, they will, once again, congregate in unruly burping clutches at the nearest American Legion bar.

The ultimate effect could reach far beyond the FOX Reich bunker and the stock market, beyond the train wreck at Downing Street and beyond the puzzled, pan handling faces of unemployed "talk whores" such as Limbaugh and Hannity.

The tea bags in the House, previously quite comfortable and secure with Dick Armey's 1,300 strong tea bag movement standing squarely behind them, will find themselves without a constituency.  Coming to its senses, the US electorate will gradually begin to ask themselves "What were we doing, again?  Was there some reason we elected these throw backs in the first place?"

Worse, in the smoky back rooms of the Congress, previously unrepentant tea bag savages who used to march only to the sound of fiscal blood, will find themselves desperately seeking the advice of the old Wall Street banksters who comprise the traditional "looting branch" of the Republican Party.

The tea bags will begin to wear $1,000 dollar suits with red "power ties,"  start to avoid meet and greets at Erma Lou's Grits and Pork Chop Diner and adopt the dour, threatening "frown smiles" we are accustomed to seeing only on the old crooks like Hatch, McConnell and other old school Republican fascists.

It might be a dark day for FOX, but it will herald a promising new sunrise for America.

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