Sunday, July 31, 2011

How To Quit Worrying About Default and Be Happy

A Quick Review of Recent History

Two weeks ago we had already found ourselves "ankle deep" in the fraudulent mayhem of the artificially created "debt default crisis." Every wing nut pundit sober enough to get his face up to a microphone or place fingers on his key board was in a "creative frenzy," inebriated by the wonderful opportunity.  

The media response could be measured in, well, thousand gigabyte packages.

The information challenged electorate had "taken the bait."  The "debt crisis"  had very conveniently displaced the resilient 15% unemployment rate as the "burning question of the day."

And, just in time.

The tea bags, the most recent denizens of Boehner's uncontrollable GOPCon House of  Representatives, have finally faced an unavoidable "moment of clarity."  Not  only are they utterly unable to dream up any legislation not previously drilled into them by single syllable, right wing talking points -- anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti-Medicare, anti-regulation and the like --  they are also unable to hatch even so much as a single, feeble talking point version of any sort of jobs bill.

So, what did this leave them?

Easy.  Attack the only "hostage" left standing after they extorted the unemployment insurance last year for their sacred tax cuts.  Amazingly, the present plan amounted to nothing less than presenting a terrifying, morbid reminder of their own party's record spending binge during the autocracy.  Of course, the well controlled media has not yet touched on these facts, but it will.  

Even toothpaste salesmen know who butters their bread.

Meanwhile, the plan lurched forward to re-create a dreary, road weary repetition of the old Republican economy wrecking measures of FDR days.  It hasn't been all that bad for them, at least, not yet.  Apparently the tea bags were also unable to read through the comic book to the part about Roosevelt's successes in overcoming the reactionary attacks on his spending policy.

What we have now is a nearly suicidal duplication of the first few pages of that old tale from the 1930's.  You know, the part just before the Democratic landslide election victory which swept both chambers of Congress, the White House and, ultimately, even the Supreme Court.  However, having read only the first pages of the comic, the tea bags haven't encountered that part about the "repeating" history -- yet.

"Doomed to Repeat History" (image source)

Perhaps, in a more perfect world the old adage about "being doomed to repeat history" might not really apply here.  There was, after all, some sort of early April form of fetal GOPCon strategy to avoid being "doomed to repeat history," but the burning bridge didn't last long enough to strand anyone who matters on the wrong side. 

Their coats and boots now charred by the flames, even the tea bag oligarch masters are horrified.  The hilarious surprise emerges from the fact that the tea bags aren't accepting phone calls from anybody, not Wall Street, not the banksters, not the Koch Brothers, Exxon, Grover Norquist -- not anybody except Murdoch.  We can even find a flaming pillary for the remnant of Speaker John Boehner in the tea bag fires of auto de fe', as if there weren't already enough smoldering corpses.

The Amazing Qualities of FOX Graduates

Amazingly, the tea bags manifest a propaganda success.  They have exposed themselves to the FOX News crowd for thousands of hours, isolated from any contradicting thoughts or even any contradicting "news."  The ideological redecoration has been so penetrating that entire vocabularies have derived from this source  -- vocabularies found no where else in natural organic life.

We see notable examples of this phenomenon when tea bags speak in their famous "press releases" and "interviews." Should some troublesome interviewer "press" a conversation beyond the typical softball invitations for more talking points, tea bags instantly become curiously defensive, victimized -- and, baffled.  The public discourse on the phony default issue is certainly no exception.

The problem facing the oligarchs is interesting.  The tea bags were not supposed to remain mindlessly propagandized after the election.  The plan was that, once the House seats had been filled, Washington cynicism would set in, converting the erstwhile noble libertarians into campaign contribution gobbling rodents like the other Congressional "projects" of the billionaires.

Instead, the now totally out of control tea bags retained all the tenets of the old propaganda, and now, clearly, intend to apply the FOX maxims to intractably difficult and complex "real life" dilemmas.  The "spending cut frenzy" was intended to be a useful, temporary little tantrum to be played only until the material influence of corporate cash had time to gradually convert the players to the thought challenged unanimity of Republican "business as usual."

Quite aside from the hostage taking over the debt limit, the GOPCon 2012 election strategy is also unfolding in all it's predictably hysterical splendor.  All across America hundreds of thousands of Social Security seniors are spending sleepless nights, wringing their hands and staring at their stash of cat food.  Combat military are asking the Head of the Joint Chiefs what they can do without their August pay checks.  Even semi-cogent Medicaid residents in old folks homes have begun to sense that something unthinkable is about to happen.

Of course there is still a base these Republicans can count on for the 2012, just not enough to justify adding the names of any GOPCon candidates to the ballot's printing costs.

It's actually quite amusing to watch those who would be our masters quaking in their penny loafers.

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