Saturday, July 16, 2011

MeanMesa Headlines - The Murdoch Moment, July 15 Update

Now, MeanMesa hopes that our great blog visitors know better than to think that we might somehow be able to place a spy camera in the executive conference room of Mr. Murdoch's News Corp empire.  Consequently, in the absence of any great "hacked shots" of the Murdoch executives responding to the growing wall of public relations poop, MeanMesa will have to try to "make do" with a few random photos from Google Images.

Naturally, the precise scenes of Herr Duke Rupert canning everyone who might even possibly bring the scandal within reach of the Duke himself would be priceless items, sought after -- at any price -- by all the detractors the Duke has gang raped in his heavily soiled media career.  Let's begin with our imaginary shot of News Corps executives rallying to the cause as the Duke bemoans the callous brutality and indignities the out of control "little people" have so unfairly foisted upon him.

News Corp Executive Committee Plans Corporate Strategy (image source)

In practically no time, the news emerged from the News Corp Reich Bunker that the giant News Corp British holding, The News of the World, was to be immediately vaporized by a Murdoch V2 missile fired from the Duke's castle in New York.  Further, the News Corp executive committee  dispatched another Murdoch servant, Les Hinton, who had previously occupied the top position at News Corp's Dow Jones, by accepting his "resignation."

Murdoch's DOW JONES CEO has to go (image source)

Murdoch himself, it is reported, had to receive a sedative and psychiatric care in order to finally get him to quit yelling "You don't know who you're up against, you little toad!" over and over to anyone he encountered on the street or in his  luxurious private office at the News Corp Reich bunker.  The Duke was resting quietly when news arrived of the "resignation" of the CEO of his empire's British news corporation, Rebekah Brooks.

Rebekah Brooks or Olivia de Havilland? in Snake Pit ca. 1948 (image source)
Duke Rupert's sex fantasies concerning strong willed, red headed women apparently dissolved in his mounting fear of becoming a "no body."  Worse, cruel text messages from anonymous sources continued to remind the Duke that prisons were chuck full of "wrong colored people," aggravating the Duke's growing terror even further.

Also troubling, the Duke's son and heir apparent, James Murdoch, Earl of FOX, has joined the Duke on the "next train out of town."  The titled lad, still learning the "ins and outs" of the family fascism, remains pouty after being omitted from the UK Parliament's Inquisition Invitation list.

James, Earl of FOX, has been suspiciously silent, only whimpering a "catch line" taken from Murdoch servant Eric Cantor over and over when approached by non-FOX reporters.  "I AM important!  I AM important!"

Finally, the now thoroughly terrified, tangled mob of Murdoch "talking point" pundits has officially mangled the Duke's direct order to divert public attention away from the scandal by prohibiting any mention of it on the News Corp's broadcasts.  The bold omission has become a story of it's own on non-News Corp stations.

Even the, uh, "Republican negotiators" in the artificial, yet carefully crafted Murdoch "Debt Limit Crisis" have faltered in the absence of their morning "talking point" phone calls from their Duke.

Stay tuned.  MeanMesa intends to follow this "breaking news" story right down the rat hole.  Oooops.  Rat hole?  Snake pit?

Don't forget your "fair and balanced" shovels.

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