Friday, July 29, 2011

Plan On Having More Folks For Dinner

Our War Veterans

We must be ready to stand in when the times demand it
-- just like they have.

No hunger.  No despair.  No isolation.  No suicide.  We're in it together. (image source)

MeanMesa understands that Americans place plenty (still, perhaps not enough) of tax dollars aside to care for those who have been wounded in the places like Afghanistan, the Iraqi Oil War and everywhere else.  This isn't a casual altruism.  The soldiers and Marines who need help like that rely on the rest of us Americans to make sure that they have it.

Now, the tea bags and their corporatist masters have taken decisions to deny the veterans this help that they need, sooner or later, planning to convert the money we have saved for this purpose to tax cuts.  Thanks to the same folks, there are no jobs waiting for these veterans once they are on their feet again.

There is nothing to be done about this until the November 2012 election.

However, in the meantime, the responsibility will fall to the rest of us to make every possible effort to assist our veterans in whatever way possible.  Until the reactionaries are out of the Congress, our American veterans will have no place to look for help beyond us -- their neighbors and their fellow Americans.

Granted, none of us have much, but we can all find something to spare.  We can help in all sorts of ways.  For one thing, we can help take care of families who await their "missing faces" to come home.  We can slip a little food on the porch of folks who, because of this business in Washington, find themselves a little short.

We can cut their grass, figure out to how to fix their cars and try to repair their plumbing until the system begins to, once again, function.

Don't know a veteran or a veteran's family?  They are all around you.  Worse, they are all about to get hurt -- big time.  

Find them.  Introduce yourself.

Then help.

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