Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Minority Report?

Keeping an Ear on Rove's "Mouth Junk" Circus

MeanMesa, during those breathless moments between Short Current Essay's quiet and overly tolerant treatment of unfolding events, takes a break with a free solitaire site.  After a few games -- won or lost -- energy is restored, the mind is, once again, calm, and MeanMesa is "tanned, rested and ready" for a few more posts.

Of course, all sorts of ads appear on the pop-ups there on the solitaire page, battery powered soup mixers, amazing weight loss inventions and the like.  However, the latest offering caught our eye.  It is a little something from Karl Rove's CrossRoads GPS.  Normally this little smudge would have been notably forgettable, but the "talking points" were so shockingly identical to the "mouth junk" of the House tea bags during their now famous "interviews" it caught MeanMesa's attention.

So, here it is.

1. "High Unemployment"
3. "Failed $830 Billion Stimulus"
4. "Tax Increases"

The background graphics of the little jewel, although also quite easily overlooked, are also interesting.  From them, perhaps, we can approximate a few of Carl's other ambitious points.

At the top, we see a crane unloading containers at a harbor.  In the mid-section, we see the national emblem of the PRC (China) painted on one of the containers.  At the base, we see a photo shopped black and white crowd, standing in line.

The only thing missing is a nice shot of a kitty being splayed by a sledge hammer.

Blinking Gimmic on MeanMesa's Favorite Solitaire Page
Also, we have to note the graphic presentation strategy of using a nice, highly casual, cartoon comic font for everything except the compressed Helvetica of the "BLANK CHECKS" line.  Karl knows that, when appealing to hill billies and bigots, a nicely measured folksy nihilism should be communicated by one's font selection.

How homey.

Of course, removing the "fenders" from the CrossRoads GPS pitch is simple enough.  Each "point" of the talking points' "points" is, actually, entirely contradictory to the facts -- and not just contradictory to some difficult to unearth facts which might require some serious research, but contradictory to very public facts which can only be successfully avoided by tuning in exclusively to FOX NEWS and absolutely nothing else, ever.  Not even for a few seconds.

What's the Point?

The point is that there are millions of Americans who can look at this little stinker and simply nod their heads in agreement.

"Yup.  Thet therez perzactly raht."

So, where do these FOXites land in the next election?  Is there any possible point to arguing with them?  Are they out there somewhere waiting to be persuaded?

Normally, MeanMesa would say "Don't bother."

However, this time around, millions of these normally out-of-reach voters will still be reeling from what's gone on in the last two weeks.  Millions of them will have been wringing their hands for hours before a sleepless night wondering if they were going to get their Social Security checks.

And, it doesn't stop there, either.

Millions more of them have been wringing their hands about just what can be done with Mom if she doesn't get her Social Security check.  Millions more of them have been wringing their hands about what can be done if Medicaid quits paying for Mom to stay in the extended care home.

Although Americans have a world renown reputation for short memories, this hand wringing business may actually be something of an exception.  In fact, the memories of these long, hand wringing nights are, most likely, plenty strong enough to last the 15 months until the 2012 election.

FOX News has done every thing possible, sparing no expense, to stupify these members of the Republican base in hopes of permanently inoculating them from ever being open to any other political ideas, but in this case the Republicans themselves have cracked their own, hyper expensive, barricade.

There is "over reaching" and then there is this kind of "over reaching."

When all these "hand wringing types" are added to another interesting bloc in the Republican base, the election results get even more dicey.

Wait.  "Another interesting bloc?"

Yes, these would be the base Republicans who can remember that Boehner, only a few months ago, was saying that "creating jobs" was the reason that the American people sent the whole freak show to Washington in the 2010 election.  Perhaps this same bunch was also able to hear -- of all places, on FOX News -- Boehner now saying that the reason the freak show was sent to Washington was to "cut spending."

If you are a Republican base type "wringing your hands" about Social Security and Medicaid, you probably have a son who has been "wringing his hands" about jobs -- especially if he needs one.  Suddenly, another few million Republican base voters have been added to the "inadequately inoculated list."

When Presidential elections have a habit of being decided (when the votes are actually counted...) on a few hundred thousand or a million vote margins, this population of staggering, confused and dis-satisfied Republican base voters could be rather important.  Worse, for the Republicans, this "hand wringing" business may prove to be a strong enough influence to motivate these confused GOPCons to stagger from their mobile homes down to the polls.

Where they might vote for a Democrat -- you know, just to "send a message."  You know, just like they "sent a message" in 2010.


And, since we're gathering all the "low hanging fruit" for our 2012 GOPCon "fruit cake," we still have to add one last, normally never even considered, complicating clutch of dis-satisfied GOPCons to the mix.

The oligarchs.

These poor folks will have channelled literally millions of their "yacht and jewelry dollars" into the Citizens United media blitz to throw the 2012, not to mention all the day to day millions they have soaked into FOX News and the rest of the corporate media.

These billionaires will suddenly turn on Murdoch and the other fascist "service providers" when their very expensive prize is not delivered, very dramatically  assuming the sack cloth mantle of victimhood, you know, as in having been "deceived" by the radio crowd who promised them spectacularly better results for their investment in attacking democracy.

See?  Everybody wins.

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