Friday, November 18, 2011

How 99%'ers Can Add "Faces" to the "Story" of the 1%

Are Oligarchs an "Urban Legend?"

Are they like the cinematic vampires and demons or do they represent actual people walking among us?  Of course, they are not "walking among us."  They are nibbling arugula and baby spinach sandwiches locked behind the gates of all sorts of cozy, private places.

Let's just assume that "walking among us" means that they are on this planet somewhere.  To them, "among us" only means close enough to continue to extract what's left of our wealth and deposit it in their tax protected cash bunkers in the Bahamas.

Why the Sacred "Mystery of Wealth Inequality"
Is Not An Urban Legend

From MeanMesaAn American Oligarch Watches the Arab Spring

All this, including an admittedly cheap plug for a previous MeanMesa post, is "yesterday's news" thanks, largely, to the work of the Occupy.  However, the ghostly corporate and oligarchic villains in the tale remain faceless.  We may talk about "them," but we know only a few of the names which go with those faces.

How could  the rest of this crowd of economic sociopaths be illuminated?

MeanMesa has a suggestion.  It is fast, simple and essentially fool proof.

Two easy steps:

1.  Let the Dow Jones careen back to 6,000.
2.  Don't bail them out.

The "walking wounded" of the wealthy will show up at our front door in no time, hats in hand, deposit slips for banking our tax money at the ready.  Remember, no matter how tragically plaintive these cries of "wealth trauma" may seem as we listen to this inevitable chorus of impending doom and well practised, desperate, ideological hysteria, this bunch of the rich are not that way as a result of capitalism.

It is also no feature of capitalism about which they will be complaining.  Instead, the theme of all this crying will have everything to do with injuries to their imagined entitlements, the gaseous myth that they deserve all this money by the modern version of the old "divine right."  

Whether blessed by Great Nature with the good fortune of emerging from a $12 digit uterus or simply enjoying the immense, grotesque pay back from all the hard work they've done purchasing the Congress, there remains not a whisper of free market legitimacy in those bulging bank books.

The oligarchs will take care of Step 1.  A Democratic Congress could be persuaded to take care of Step 2.

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