Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PBS NewsHour Judy Woodruff Fights Back: Obama Will Lose 2012

If you think this is shocking, join FOX News!  They do too!

MeanMesa: Exhibit One
Judy Woodruff and Experts "Agree" That Obama Has NO CHANCE

The purpose of this MeanMesa posting is to provide an up to the minute example of the incredible bias we now find daily on the previously credible PBS NewsHour.  What must be done next is a careful presentation of the evidence of of EXACTLY what we are talking about here.

First, let's have a look at the streaming video of the NewsHour from December 12, 2011.  Following this link will take you to the NewsHour site for the video of today's "news performance."  Once you see the video load on your screen, skip ahead to 13:30, 13 minutes, thirty seconds into the shot.

Judy is "interviewing" Stuart Rothenberg and Susan Page about the almost inescapably dismal chances that President Obama has to win the 2012 election.  Rothenberg is a "yuck, yuck" elitist with the equivalent of a conservative blog called The Rothenberg Report from a previous decade.  Page is  the Washington Bureau Chief for CNN.

Judy must have organized this little tea party to promote the image of her famously "two sides to everything" faux objectivity.  However, after spending a minute or two with video, we see that what's left of Judy's career reputation for being "NewsHour objective" is now little more than "cold, morning after cinders" at the Bonfire of the Vanities.

MeanMesa: Exhibit Two
What It Looks Like When FOX News Is Stunned

Ooops.  The bleach blonde accidentally told the techs in charge of the FOX Reich Bunker to show the wrong poll results.  No problem, what would have, otherwise, been little more than, well, more drool, was frantically lubricated with the frenzied refrain of the FOX News pundits' 


Once the "sting" had been so artfully removed and the talking points generator re-started, everything returned to "normal" quite nicely.  Take a look at the FOX News clip by following this link:

The naked wrestlers and the sheep strangling parts are tasty, but the "face time" of the couch residents is still priceless by itself.  The sudden, couch wide palor is far too Santorum-like to qualify as good FOX broadcast.  The video link is courtesy of addictingifo.org.

Okay, the stage is set.  PBS is celebrating Obama's inevitable loss in the 2012 election while FOX News is lamenting his landslide victory.  Can anyone still question the President's tactical political prowess?

MeanMesa: Closing Argument
So Much For GOPCon Attacks on the "Liberal Media" 

If we look closely, we can detect Judy's thinly disguised delight as she peers through her faux matron-esque authority to herald the black man's political demise.  This is the daily course on the "objective" PBS news menu now that the show has garnered the sponsorship of some of the worst corporate bottom feeders in the country.

The daily PBS anti-Obama innuendos cluster like flies on a sun drenched potato salad

MeanMesa could have included hundreds of other examples of this similar, quiet bias if the blog didn't suffer from such a geriatric, technological incompetence.  The photo of the FOX poll, for example, was taken with a web cam pointed at the MeanMesa  computer screen.

Questions about corporate media bias are one thing, but questions about the publicly supported Public Broadcast Service are even more sinister. There is no bar low enough to make the sub rosa contamination any "prettier" than simply another case of 1% control issues.

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