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GOP - Turning a Virginia Governor into Vice President

Shake Hands with the Governor of Virginia

Still bathing in the glory of his successful moves for state enforced vaginal penetration, all eyes are on Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell, as he humbly waxes and buffs his notable humility.  The man can't get past his bathroom mirror in the morning without primping his own pregnant expectation to soon be sitting in the Vice Presidential slot along side the survivor of the bloody Republican Primary.

Governors of Virginia, in general, are not a particularly interesting topic for a MeanMesa posting.  However, in this election year, a ghostly apparition seems to be following the Republican candidates like the Spirit of Christmas Past trailed Ebenezer Scrooge.


Yes.  The unmentioned wet dream which emerges in every Republican "debate"  -- which means that it emerges very often -- is the prospect of a miraculous election delivery in the hands of a so far unnamed candidate.  Those ghostly vapors, naturally, also include a Vice Presidential selection which might, somehow, breathe a desperately welcome aura of psychological stability into the front runner choices.

This is the "spiritual portal" through which Governor Bob McDonnell peers with such an obviously longing heart.  Unhappily for Bob, the vaginal penetration idea turned out to be a bucket of cold water on the ghostly vapor.  Although the wing nut, anti-women knuckle draggers in the now wholly owned Virginia State Congress were ecstatic with the Governor's latest vaginal "red meat" dog whistle, Virginians in general were somewhat less enthusiastic.

Although a reasonable observer of domestic politics might presume that the fumbled vaginal attack would spell the end of Bob's Vice Presidential ambition, Republicans apparently have no particular problem with it.  This MeanMesa post will focus on Bob's Regent University graduate thesis so we can get a little more depth in our understanding of man who wishes, so very much, to be a "heart beat away" from the command of our country's nukes.

A Very Fast, Very Guided Tour of Regent University

First, a brief visit to Regent University.  The place gained a fleeting moment of relevance during the Bush autocracy because it was a favorite "fishing hole" for the recruiting  efforts of the heavily soiled US Attorneys General, Ashcroft and Gonzales.  These Dark Ages religious crusaders hired many dozens of young wing nut fundamentalists from the Regent University "law school," insinuating them into civil service jobs all over the Justice Department.

The civil service comment is important because this means that these Federal employees have [note: not "had..."] permanent jobs, that is, not employment at the favor of the President.  This means that all these creepy "law school" graduates are still there, doing what they do.  Bob studied at Regent University for a MA in Public Policy and a Juris Doctor in Law.  His thesis is dated 1989.

He is just as creepy as the rest of the Old Testament Biblical horde so anxiously employed by Ashcroft and Gonzales. It turns out, in fact, that the sole purpose of Regent University is the production of such "second agenda" recruits, that is, "lawyers" devoted to "Glorifying God" with the secondary agenda of practicing law only for the "Glory of God."  Naturally, only Republicans would ever be interested in placing such folks in any positions of administrative responsibility within the government.

Regent University was originally named Christian Broadcasting Network University after its founder, Pat Robertson, "raised" sufficient funds through his "700 Club" preaching show.  Reverend Pat had a few deals running on the side, notably blood diamond mines in Liberia, "donated" as a "faith offering" by the now, late Charles Taylor, Liberian President.

Pat flew in the blood diamond mining equipment aboard his 700 Club financed Operation Blessing aircraft and operated the mining operation with what has been described as "slave labor."  (read more) Pat's penchant for the "glitter rocks" led to another of his "humanitarian" enterprises, the African Development Company, with similar opportunities for lots more blood diamonds and Biblical transgressions in Zaire.

This was the founder of CBN College, later, Regent University, where Bob McDonnell snatched up his law degree.  The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. However, we now see that Pat's spiritually inspired "crimes against humanity" didn't stop at the borders of distant Liberia and Zaire.  They now visit much closer to home with proselyte McDonnell's lovely and revealing Masters Thesis about family values, perhaps an unavoidable torpedo to his Vice Presidential ambitions.

Governor Bob's Thesis

Robert F. McDonnell
A.B.A, University of Notre Dame, 1976
M.S.B.A., Boston University, 1980


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the degrees of Master of Arts in Public Policy
and Juris Doctor in Law

College of Law and Government
CBN University
Virginia Beach, Virginia


MeanMesa found the Regent University's library "pdf" file of Bob's thesis presented in a way which prohibits direct "copy and paste" retrieval of the content.  Still, the prospect of introducing some examples of Bob's writing as elements of this post was simply too attractive to allow such an inconvenience to prevent their inclusion.  So, MeanMesa has manually transcribed a few samples of Bob's ideas, making a special effort to carefully copy the precise syntactic and grammatical  anomalies found in the original document.

Here you can read a few random excerpts quoted directly from the Washington Post's file.  Visitors may find these few passages, extracted from roughly the first third of the paper, both interesting and entertaining at this point, but if Bob manages to take the Vice Presidential slot on the 2012 Republican ticket, readers will definitely want to visit the Washington Post site to read the whole, messy business as carefully as possible.  It may be an inconveniently honest glimpse into the man's, uh, soul.

Excerpts from Bob McDonnell's Thesis:

Regardless of the genesis of the change, the current debate in America over which values and programs are best for the family and public policy in general, goes beyond the basic arguments of conservatism versus progressivism. According to Dr. Os Guiness of the Brookings Institution, the conflict centers on the clash of traditional morality and absolutism with the modern pervasive relativism of truth, ethics and justice. Whereas faith and family had provided the roots of culture in the past, the rise of modernity and liberalism have given America a legacy of relativistic hollowness, homelessness, selfish heartlessness, and the death of God and heroes. While changes in the family may be superficially attributed to technological advances, growing international influences, financial circumstances, or evolutionary progress, it is of profound importance to be cognizant that changes in ideology and religious beliefs preceded the contemporary breakdown of the American family.

The modern American experience can be seen as an ideological battle between the forces of democratic capitalism and socialism, with the latter's attempt to "substitute the power of the state for the rights, responsibilities, and authority of the family." The contemporary conflict between the presuppositions and programs of the Great Society and the programs of the Reagan Revolution can show clearly the tensions expressed by Guiness.

Many would not be concerned about this shift in institutional power and a replacement of the Judeo-Christian ethic with the relativistic values of the "me generation" of the 1980's, were they not presented with quantifiable evidence of the breakdown of the family and society at large.

The rise in teen pregnancy and illegitimate births is even more shocking when understood that approximately 40% of these pregnancies have ended in abortion since 1973. Ironically, it appears that the recently-created school-based health clinics which dispense birth control information and products without parental consent, and the new values-neutral sex education programs in public schools, have contributed to increased promiscuity, rather than reduced illegitimacy.

The unmistakable signs of social dysfunction linked to traditional family breakdown took on a fresh awareness in the 1980's. The scourge of rampant drug abuse by the nation's youth, and the widespread exposure of children as customers and victims of pornography were new indicia of trouble. Studies showed the great negative impact that toys, music, television and other media were having on children, as violence, sex and the occult were common themes in these vehicles of play and entertainment. Children have been further affected by reductions in child support and spousal maintenance awards in no-fault divorce decrees, and a national crisis in support enforcement. These represent yet further manifestations of a spirit of militant individualism and perversity which is gripping the culture.

The vast majority of American children have been educated in the public school system, in which textbooks and courses of instruction are increasingly oriented to humanist values and a secular philosophy. The undermining of respect for parental authority in favor of state direction or individual autonomy, and the contemporaneous purging of religious influences in the public schools has impaired the development of healthy family members. Values that had historically provided strength to the family, such as firm discipline and corporal punishment, patriotism, and academic achievement, were either attacked, or given token attention.

Respect for the rule of law over private morality and custom has been central in the history of western civilization. Deriving its roots from cannon law and subsequently the common law of England, the law of marriage and family were formulated in the Christian context of covenant, not contract.

In the nineteenth century, the Supreme Court recognized the "ideal Victorian family" as a small government in its own right in the few family cases that came before it.

The Declaration of Independence, the charter of American liberty, and foundation for the U.S. Constitution, declares that our concepts of rights, duties, and authority are derived from the Law of Nature and Nature's God. From this Judeo-Christian heritage of the founding fathers, it is clear that the Creator is a God of order and authority, not chaos and autonomy. Each institution in society has been instituted by God for specific, limited purposes. Therefore, a good idea does not necessarily translate into good public policy, unless it is promulgated in a proper means by an institution with jurisdiction.

The family as an institution existed antecedent to civil government, and hence is not subject to being defined by it. It is in the Law of Nature of the created order that the Creator instituted marriage and family in Eden, where He ordained that "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and they will become one flesh." Family arises out of this divinely-inspired covenant of marriage between a man and a woman, the terms of which can neither be originally set nor subsequently altered by the parties or the state.

In addition to the family and the individuals who comprise them, God has ordained the institutions of civil government and the church as the foundation of order in society.

While family authority is plenary with respect to its sovereign objects, the state government has a legitimate role to ensure that family members are educated and socialized in order to operate at a minimum level of self-sufficiency. It must be made clear that the government has no independent authority to prescribe conduct for the family, rather the authority arises out of the state's duty to protect the marital covenant and individual family members. Parents do not have the liberty to constructively abuse the child by neglect of the their fundamental duties to educated and nurture, any more than they can withhold food and shelter. However, under the umbrella of parental authority is the choice of means to accomplish their duties, through home schools, church schools, or other alternatives. It is in these areas of concurrent jurisdiction of family and state, in which the state in its limited but legitimate role of parens patriae, that the difficult policy decisions are made. In all cases, parents must be accorded the maximum opportunity to discharge their responsibilities independent of state oversight or compulsion.

Rather than employing an empirical epistemology in formulating programs that treat only the symptoms of family breakdown, Republicans appear earnest in their prescription that the strong family is the preeminent hedge against social disorder. Hence, those things which can be shown to cause family collapse must be opposed, and where authorized, prohibited by legislation.

However, Republicans are quite willing to use block grants, demonstration projects, and cost-sharing programs with the states in order to accomplish national policy objectives. What appears to be a looser reading of the Constitutional powers given to the Congress, and a different view of the federal structure than the one articulated by Madison in the Federalist Papers, provides the ideological cornerstone for Republican family policy. Republicans also do not appear reticent to use an expanded power base provided by decades of judicial legislating by activist Supreme Courts. While not conclusive, one discerns vestiges of an evolutionary or positive view of the law in some elements of the party, in the focus on social change as the primary stimulus for changes in the law. Quite naturally, too, it is easier to affirm and act upon the special needs of voting constituents, than to explain a more traditional view of federalism as a basis for federal inaction.

In a way consistent with the Republican Party's mantras of encouragement and optimism, potential graduates students may find Bob's paper a real source of reassurance.  If you have these ambitions but are stymied by a lack of confidence that your writing sample might be found wanting, just apply at Regent! 

While reviewing Bob's thesis, remember that this was written by a Master's candidate who had already graduated with degrees from Notre Dame and Boston University.  Further, if you a potential graduate student candidate, also remember that this is a thesis for a law degree -- a juris doctor!  Its remarkable similarity to something that a high school student might have submitted to a World's Religions class should be intimately comforting.  Further, any student lacking confidence in the knowledge of standard text rules and practices can take heart in the dumbfounding, agonizing punctuation gaffes found in Bob's presentation.

Finally, there is the matter of the paper's length.  The Republican owned commercial media has taken great pains to repeatedly describe this thesis as a "93 page" paper either to discourage anyone from actually reading it or to impress the hill billy base of that unfortunate party with the implied intellectual acumen of the Governor.  Visitors here can recall the consistent laments of Republican lawmakers concerning the length of bills being presented -- with or without the "tiger tears" of the House Speaker in overly dramatic moments.

GOP Drilling in Virginia Discovers
 New Vast Proven Reserves of Crazy

Governor Bob's background, considered as credentials for his political ambitions, places him in a uniquely well suited position regardless of the survivor -- that is, regardless of the candidate finally selected in the GOPCon Primary slaughter.  The man just "fits in" with any of the possible running mates.
He looks stable compared to the unlikely prospect of a successful Ron Paul.  He looks like a redeeming, steaming helping of Biblical "red meat" next to the Mormon.  He appears as the parochial general Joshua standing beside Rick Santorum, a thoroughly modern version of Krishna's Arjuna.  And, of course, we have to assume that he can reveal himself as a very nasty racist should the opportunity arise, which it undoubtedly will.

Just settle in and watch the show.  Join MeanMesa in a winter dream of Joe Biden debating McDonnell after Obama and Santorum warm up the audience with a lively couple of rounds about vaginas.

For a link to information about Pat Robertson, his slave diamond miners and Regent University:
For a link to the Washington Post's presentation of Governor Bob's entire thesis:

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$4 Gallon Gasoline - A 2012 Petrogarch Primer

Some Historical Relativity
Lubricated with a Little Crude Oil

Let's introduce this posting with a couple of paragraphs of our traditional  MeanMesa conspiracy rambling. Since the Citizens United decision about a year ago, American oligarchs are effortlessly reaching into their bulging purses to indulge themselves in all sorts of, happily, unpopular personal political vendettas, weird, unfulfilled childhood baggage and a veritable "spring bouquet" of various tragic wet dreams of a "Paladin-esque" ascent to historical relevance and foreign policy glory.

The GOPCon owners have opined about re-invading Iraq to correct mistakes in the distribution of her stolen oil, bombing Iran in the interests of Israel's participation in a modern reinvention of the Revelations myth and delivering the final "stake through the heart" to the dirty, ungrateful remnants of Martin Luther's Papist heresy.  One of the more recent examples is found in the tantrum of Texas refinery billionaires with the President's decision not to hand over the Keystone XL petro-"cash cow" for conversion into "well deserved" profits.

That "billionaires' tantrum" has now materialized.  We see the dust from the petrogarchs' approaching troops on the horizon, and, as usual, they are headed for the gas pump price meters.

Petrogarchs' 2012 Battle Plan
   Destroy the Recovery,  Destroy the Economy  and Destroy Obama

It may be hard to imagine anyone beyond the bullet hungry Generals who is actually looking at the prospect of war with Iran fondly, but keep looking.  There was a minor "tit for tat" between just such folks and the President which revealed other, perhaps even more dangerous, anti-democracy players.

Since it's a "new word," MeanMesa will make the predictable pitch for contextural validity.

Petrogarch (noun, common usage)
(adj.) petrogarchic
(adv.) petrogarchically
  • A particularly vicious, special type of oligarch who has extracted most of his wealth from either non-competitive, price fixed petroleum production and sales, petroleum futures speculation or federal petroleum subsidies.  There are very few reported female petrogarchs.

The "candy on the table" was Presidential approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project designed to bring Canadian tar sands oil across the country to refineries in Texas.  This may not sound so terribly arcane, but there are a few facts which must be added for the discussion.

1. This year the largest export commodity from the United States will be refined petroleum products -- specifically gasoline and diesel fuel. (read more)

2. Oil derived from tar sands is perhaps the most caustic and toxic form of crude oil.  (The best form of crude oil is called "sweet, light crude,"  i.e. Saudi Arabian or Iraqi crude oil.) (read more)

3. The Keystone Project would not be a significant jobs producer either during its construction -- 3,000 to 5,000 temporary jobs for 2 years -- or during its operational life -- 2,000 jobs. (read more)

4. The gasoline product refined from the tar sands oil in Texas would not mitigate US dependence on imported oil.  Refinery output is scheduled for direct trans-shipment to Central and South American buyers. (read more)

5.  The main, administrative obstacle cited in the President's refusal to authorize the project is derived from its very questionable, incomplete environmental impact investigation.  Keystone proponents demanded immediate EPA approval.  The proposed route of the pipeline crosses the major Ogallala Aquifer in the US agricultural state of Nebraska. (read more)

6. An average American family pays $600 per year to futures speculators in the oil "market," a tender career opportunity held close and dear by its obscenely rich owners. (read more)

7. The US oil market is not driven by supply and demand, hence its victims never enjoy the now totally mythical prospect of a price reflecting any sort of supply and demand "market correction." Because of this, gasoline prices are largely based on arbitrary decisions made by petrogarchs and speculators for any reason they wish. (read more

8. High gasoline prices can become a political "dog whistle" to uninformed consumers,  "re-grooved" by the petrogarchs' "wholly owned media" to become the responsibility of an incumbent President if that is what is desired. (read more)

So, Let's take a Look at Our Petrogarch Primer

Item One 

from OilChange International

(See the article here )


Big Oil Threatens President Obama

Steve Kretzmann
Jack Gerard, API
American Petroleum Institute President, Jack Gerard

By Brendan Demelle, DeSmogBlog

American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard today announced the oil and gas industry’s latest election-year scare campaign to threaten the demise of the U.S. economy unless Big Oil gets its every wish in Washington.

This year the wish list includes approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, expanded offshore drilling on both coasts, opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and more federal lands in the West to drilling, and smaller buffer zones between drilling operations and drinking water supplies.

What if Washington doesn’t comply by delivering Keystone XL and the rest of the wish list? Gerard, the oil industry’s chief bully, threatens “huge political consequences” for Barack Obama.

You can almost set your watch to this industry’s tired plays on this front. If it’s January of a presidential election year, it must be time for the oil industry to threaten Washington politicians to ensure they continue to do the industry’s bidding. The threats are delivered in the form of outlandishly expensive advertising campaigns and punditry tours, aided by a captive media that serves its role as stenographer for the industry’s inflated jobs figures and misleading claims.

The API campaign is nothing more than a fresh skin on a very old and stale argument – that President ______ (insert current name) needs to continue opening up more of the nation’s lands, particularly public lands, for oil and gas drilling, OR ELSE ______(insert latest political talking point), in this case “jobs jobs jobs” will be lost (a bogus argument).

CNN notes the close correlation between API’s target states and some of the hottest states in the 2012 U.S. elections – hint: they’re the same.

Gerard said it is not intended to be an advertisement or promote one party or candidate over the another, but rather a “conversation” to “help Americans understand what’s at stake.”  While the campaign will run nationwide, it will focus heavily on states where Gerard said energy is an important issue — including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Those states also happen to be important battle ground states in the upcoming election.
In his inanely named “State of American Energy” address, Gerard threatened:

“Clearly, the Keystone XL pipeline is in the national interest. A determination to decide anything less than that I believe will have huge political consequences.”

Like what Mr. Gerard? Your industry isn’t going to lend as much financial support to Democrats this year as it will to Republicans? Surprise, surprise…surprise.

The oil-soaked GOP is doing cartwheels over their supposed ‘victory’ in forcing Obama to decide on Keystone XL within 60 days, although many environmentalists predict the bullying to backfire. But House Republicans won’t let reality stand in the way of a good circus stunt.

The Hill reports:

House Republicans are putting more pressure on President Obama to make a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, unveiling a [countdown] clock that counts the number of days since the president signed legislation requiring a speedy verdict on the project.

How about putting that clock next to a ticker showing the oil industry money flowing into Congressional campaign coffers? That would be a sight!

Also during his statement today, Jack Gerard asked rhetorically, “Why would we import a product we can produce at home?”

But Jack, why not answer the real question: If Big Oil is sincerely interested in domestic energy security and low-cost gasoline for Americans, why would your industry be clamoring feverishly to maximize U.S. oil and gas export infrastructure that would send our ‘homegrown’ oil and gas overseas to Asian and European markets – raising American gas prices yet higher?

Greenpeace launched its own Vote 4 Energy site mocking the API’s claims that its ads feature “ordinary Americans” and releasing a hilarious spoof video.

“When’s the last time someone got hired to clean up a solar spill?” asks an actor playing an ordinary American in the Greenpeace spoof. “Oh no, I’ve got sunlight all over me.”


Greenpeace said in a statement:

“The Vote 4 Energy campaign is the latest effort by the oil industry to fake citizen support for its agenda. The American Petroleum Institute has repeatedly spent millions to block clean energy solutions and fake grassroots support for Big Oil.”

While API [American Petroleum Institute] says its new ads are designed to feature only “ordinary Americans” expressing their thoughts on energy, in reality the industry’s ad agency carefully handpicks people to read from a script. In other words, it is pure astroturfing.

Recall that API ad producers kicked out several people who wouldn’t agree to read the script provided by API, and instead insisted on expressing their own beliefs, as they had been led to believe they could buy the API ad team’s outreach ad, which stated:

… “the ONLY qualifications” listed on the e-mail: “You are willing to go on camera and state your beliefs.”
Another is: “You are comfortable portraying YOURSELF! They want REAL PEOPLE not Actors!”

API won’t reveal how much money it is spending on the astroturf ad campaigns that will continue throughout this election year.  But it will likely rival or surpass what API spent on its 2010 election year ads – roughly $40 million.

That’s a lot of job-creating money! Too bad it’s going into bullying ads instead of supporting “ordinary Americans” who need work.

Item Two 

from Huffington Post

(see the article here)

American Petroleum Institute

To Begin Direct Political Donations

American Petroleum Institute
The Huffington Post   First Posted: 02/24/11 05:42 PM ET Updated: 05/25/11 07:35 PM ET

One of the biggest oil lobbying organizations now plans to directly back political candidates. 

The American Petroleum Institute (API) -- the main U.S. trade association for the oil and gas industry -- recently announced that beginning in the second quarter of this year, it will take a turn towards direct political donations. API, who has companies like ExxonMobil and Chevron among its 400 members, spent about $7 million last year on lobbying efforts alone.

One of the greatest concerns, as Think Progress reports, is that API runs committees that set oil industry standards. The commission investigating the BP oil spill reported that API was in too compromising a position to set the standards -- the institute resists improving safety rules due to concerns over the costs. API's Martin Durbin admits to Bloomberg News, "At the end of the day, our mission is trying to influence the policy debate."

Now, the institute will take direct aim at political candidates. Most of these candidates are expected to be Republican, as oil-supported action committees tend to support the Republican party. Last year, the Independent Petroleum Association of America gave 77 percent of their contributions to the Republican party. Bloomberg reports that during the 2010 election, oil and gas companies were the 15th largest source of political contributions. Koch Industries Inc. was the largest contributor in the industry, and gave over 90 percent of their money to Republicans. 

Past Huffington Post pieces show that API has previously campaigned against climate legislation, and Greenpeace revealed a memo from API president Jack Gerard suggesting the institute fight climate legislation by defining it as "tax increases on our industry."

API claims greenhouse gas regulations are "burdensome." Meanwhile, 2010 was one of the hottest years on record, an estimated 50 million people will be environmental refugees in under 10 years, and reports pile on of the health hazards surrounding Big Oil practices.

The Obama Administration has questioned the entire lobbying industry. In the 2012 budget, the administration proposed removing the billions of dollars that taxpayers pay in subsidies to oil companies each year. The administration estimates that in a decade, this repeal would yield $46 billion. Until action is taken though, Big Oil will continue to tighten the strings that influence the policies affecting its corporate interests. 

Item Three

from Reuters

(See the article  here)

Obama faces political heat

 if Keystone rejected: API

WASHINGTON | Wed Jan 4, 2012 4:26pm EST
(Reuters) - The head of the top oil and gas lobbying group said on Wednesday that the Obama administration will face serious political consequences if it rejects a Canada-to-Texas oil sands pipeline that has been opposed by environmental groups.

Jack Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute, said TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline would definitely play a role in this year's national elections.

"This issue is very simple and straightforward, it's about jobs and national security," Gerard told reporters after giving a speech on the state of U.S. energy.

"Anything less than approval or acquiescence in allowing the pipeline to go forward would be inconsistent with the vast majority of Americans," Gerard said.

The oil and gas industry says the country needs the 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport 700,000 barrels per day or more of Canadian oil sands crude to U.S. Gulf coast refineries.

But the decision on the pipeline is a difficult one for President Barack Obama. Approval would upset environmentalists, an important part of his voter base, while axing the project would upset some labor unions, another part of his base.

With environmental groups concerned about carbon emissions from oil sands production, the administration had delayed a decision on a presidential permit for the project until 2013.

The administration says it needs more time to consider alternative routes for the pipeline, which originally was planned to traverse sensitive habitats and a crucial water source in Nebraska.

Lawmakers that support the project were able to attach a measure to a tax-cut law passed at the end of last year that requires the president to decide whether the project is in the national interest by late February.

API is launching an advertising campaign aimed at getting Americans to consider candidates' stances on energy issues, including the Keystone project, before they cast their ballots in November.

While Gerard stressed that the advertising campaign is non-partisan, API has been a vocal critic of the Obama administration's energy policies.

In addition to the Keystone delays, the group has blasted the administration for not opening up more areas to offshore drilling and for its push to eliminate certain tax breaks for the oil and gas industry.

Republicans in Congress have also forcefully objected to the administration's delay of the Keystone pipeline, accusing the White House of placing politics over job creation.

Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce committee have placed a clock on their website counting the days until the administration must weigh in on the project.

"After waiting more than three years for this pipeline while the country faces prolonged unemployment, the American people are fed up with the president's inaction on a project that can quickly create jobs," Fred Upton, chairman of the Energy and Commerce committee, said in a statement.

Playmates and Playpens
Both In the Sand Box AND the Girl Chained Up in the Basement 

We may understand the "source" of Governor Perry's plan to re-invade Iraq, Senator Santorum's plan to outlaw birth control and Mitt Romney's plan to make corporate hamburger from every company that can't fight back. We have to assume that these ridiculous gambits are the all part of the risky price which must be paid to woo the crazy Republican base if one wishes to survive the grisly GOPCon Primary jousts.

The confusing difficulties arise from the "half bred" nature of the audience.  One parent is the traditionally crooked Republican elites who have no motives other than more looting.  The other parent is the carefully confounded tea bags who are still dancing to the hypnotic tune of Freedom Werken months after the owners ordered that outfit to pack up their hot wings, cowboy boots, banjos and fiddles and go home.

The problem faced by the party proper is that all these "mixed heritage" children have their own pistols, and they don't like each other.

However, in the case of the petrogarchs, the story is both more clear and more chilling.  They cannot countenance the possibility that they won't be obediently handed their latest scam on a platter, and they plan to obliterate the "uppity" President who steadfastly remained loyal to his constituent supporters -- us.  These boys are the ones who REALLY consider themselves to be the masters of the universe.

Their scheme is weak.  The big bet made by the petrogarchs was that an uninformed electorate would instantly repeat the dive into their hackneyed old song of "Drill Baby, Drill," but the crowd for the "big plunge into eel lake" this time has proved to be far less than the "lemming-like unanimity" they have enjoyed previously.

This doesn't mean that they will give up, either.  This just means that they will try harder.  Plus, they have now "joined forces" with Karl Rove, the fascist servant of the autocrat Bush.  They can pump oil drenched petrogarch cash into the recipe where ever and whenever they please -- lots and lots of it.

MeanMesa will undoubtedly be returning to this topic soon enough.