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Who's Afraid of ObamaCare? Freedom Works

Quick!  Before It Takes Root!

One of the "lurking sharks" in the turbulent seas facing the Republicans is, of course, the Affordable Care Act.  The orders clearly came down to every pundit some time ago.  No opportunity to "re-frame" ObamaCare is to be overlooked.  The negative image of the Act must be repeatedly, relentlessly, inserted in political rhetoric at every turn, in every form of innuendo, as an axiom in economic discussions and even in what passes for GOPCon humor.  

Everybody hates it.  Always has.  Always will.  (image credit)

Now, it should be no secret to MeanMesa visitors that pretty much all the folks who could possibly already hate the idea of available health care, well, already hated it.  This grotesque sliver of the Republican base gobbled up "death panels," federally subsidized contraception, rationed care and the Juggernaut of "entitlements consuming the entire national GDP" long ago -- in fact, all these talking points had been "successfully sold" even long before the bill was passed.

In an election where we see Republicans arrogantly "splitting off" one voter demographic after another, two ideas surface.

The first is that in terms of votes, the Affordable Care Act is a losing proposition for the GOP.  The number of Americans who have found relief from the bill -- or have seen relatives or friends find relief -- is growing, not diminishing.  And, by this stage of the well financed attack on the bill, very few supporters of the Act are switching over to the side which disapproves of it.

There are not that many "undecided voters" or fickle "independents" left to be brought into Dick Armey's camp.  Predictably, almost everyone who is "moving" is "moving" in the other direction.

The second is made clear by this email.  Since Freedom Works and its trained tea bags already represent a dismally static minority of anti-health care votes, one not likely to grow appreciably from its current population, the email suggests that the Freedom Works strategists are anxious to re-agitate their base in hopes that it won't dwindle even more.

We have to assume that there are very few "previously undecided" voters who have not yet formed an opinion about whether they support or abhor the provisions of the Affordable Care Act -- that is, that almost imaginary, fickle block of "still  undecided voters" whose opinions might be swayed by the following email from Freedom Works.

It is a mistake to think that Dick Armey has authorized this "red meat" email in hopes of making Affordable Care poll as less popular.  For one thing, the email is sent only to folks -- such as MeanMesa -- who have, for whatever reason, offered up their email addresses at some point in the past.

[MeanMesa is on that list to satisfy an on-going "curiosity" about just what Mr. Dick may be up to, and, of course, to occasionally spread one of these babies "wide open" on this blog.]

The email from Freedom Works:

Dear MeanMesa,

Last week I emailed you so you could add your name to our petition to End ObamaCare Now by today—the two year anniversary of ObamaCare.

While you were unable to sign at the time, you’ll be pleased to know that over 100,000 patriots have signed our petition, which we just delivered to the Supreme Court.

And although you missed signing the petition, you can still help End ObamaCare Now.

On Monday, the Supreme Court will finally hear the case against ObamaCare and we’re leading the fight with our Constitution Defense Fund. Can you help defend our Constitution right now?

Click here to help defend our Constitution at the Supreme Court!

I’m confident our constitutional challenge of ObamaCare will succeed—with your help.
As you can imagine, such a large-scale grassroots effort is not cheap. But it’s being driven and funded by thousands of grassroots patriots like you chipping in $10 or $25 dollars—whatever they can afford.

There’s no time to waste. ObamaCare goes before the Supreme Court on Monday. It’s critical we expand our grassroots support RIGHT NOW.

Please click here right now and make a donation to support the 100,000 patriots who are rallying to End ObamaCare Now.

Thank you in advance for your generous participation.

In Liberty,
President & CEO, FreedomWorks
Matt Kibbe

Off to the "Totally Constitutional" Opinion of the Supremes
The "drip, drip" you're hearing is someone in a black robe salivating.

The United States Supreme Court, hypothetically, fearlessly searches for "correct applications" of the Constitution to pending legal issues.  The Justices' decisions have never been constrained by popular opinion.  These jurists don't listen to the people; they just concentrate on the Constitution.  The idea is that by doing this, their decisions serve in the interest of democracy, the people and the Republic.

However, just as the Supremes enter a few days of oral arguments about the "Constitutionality" of the Affordable Care Act, we confront another example of the "soiled remnants" of the autocracy's penchant for selling its soul to the highest bidder already in place.  Chief Justice John Roberts has already "toughed" his way through serious conflicts of interest charges, here, most notably, in his dubious service to, wait for it, wait for it, a suspiciously lucrative, friendly health insurance corporation case during his first days in his new job.

Is it a just another case of MeanMesa's geriatric ranting and raving?  Here are four easy links to come up to date with the question if you're interested. There are pages and pages more of them on your Google.

Huff Post Business: Supreme Court Justices John Roberts And Samuel Alito Sell Stocks To Reduce Conflicts Of Interest
Committee to Expose Dishonest Judges
The People Versus John Roberts
Salon: A conflict of interest for John G. Roberts?

The Affordable Care Act Is Not Just Treading Water

Finally, if the Affordable Care Act had taken the shadowy course of many other bills passing through Congress, that is, if it had quietly disappeared into a few dozen law suits, an apathetic implementation regime or had simply turned out to be nothing more than temporary "smoke and mirrors," the Republicans wouldn't be so agitated with it.  Unhappily for them, it hasn't.

Instead, we find the Act still moving forward like a wounded battleship. Yes, it has been the target of immense "cash attacks" and more than a little "stellar repackaging" by the Congressional and media servants of the insurance industry, but it's still there -- and the crew keeps repairing the latest damage, too.  In fact, it is rapidly approaching its first "firing locations" from which it can effect substantial and visible benefits to voters.

Of course, the parasites and their minions find this terrifying.

Take a look at a rather nicely comprehensive article from The Daily Cos(The links are left enabled.  Read the whole article here.)

some shocking Obamacares facts

Fri Jan 20, 2012 at 03:45 PM PST

Everyone in 2014 will be stunned once Obamacare kicks into full gear. Pass this around for the 2012 election.
1. There will be non-profit insurers offering health care plans in the exchanges on top of traditional private insurers (regulated STRONGLY by the health care law). The public option never really disappeared. It was just replaced with non-profit language that will turn into non-profit options just as strong as the proposed public option. Besides, many states are integrating public options into their exchanges.

2. Medicaid will be significantly expanded to 15 million poor uninsured americans in 2014. People in deep poverty will have significantly better lives. Everyone at less than 133% of the poverty level  will be covered under medicaid. Native Americans will be insured for the first time in their lives and will enjoy modernized health care. The Indian Health Care Act is reauthorized and strengthened by this medicaid expansion.

3. Medicare's trust fund will be extended 12 years. Seniors have free preventive care and check ups. Lots of money have been saved through waste trimming and fraud recollecting.

4. Small business tax credits will have their amounts magnified for small businesses in 2014. When juxtaposed with the strongly regulated exchanges, coverage will be very affordable for small businesses.

5. For everyone up to 400% of the poverty level (millions and millions of americans are under this category), huge tax credits will be available to help them afford coverage. Those who already have insurance qualify too, not just the uninsured. This is a HUGE middle class tax cut. Financial situations will improve drastically for Americans because of the fact that kathleen sebelius has been issuing robust regulations on insurance companies such as a robust 80-85% medical loss ratio.!   (explains the huge tax credits)

6. Preventive care will be free in all insurance plans eventually as all plans lose their grandfathered status.

7. Single Payer is coming to America because of obamacare. Kathleen sebelius gave a huge grant to Vermont to build single payer in the state. The vermont delegation was so happy. Vermont is using the affordable care act money to build single payer. No affordable care act, no single payer for vermont and for the country.

8. Community Health centers will be invested on and will significantly impact health care for the better.

9. The rich people start paying their fair share as promised by Obama in 2013. Payroll taxes on people earning incomes of 250,000 dollars go up. It was a key element in the payment mechanism of the bill. The Bush tax cuts for the rich will expire at the end of this year too. :)

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