Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Offer to the RNC

How about letting the Romney Campaign buy you a nice cruise? (image source)

A Little Perspective

Just as many other Americans, MeanMesa has watched those with savage cases of ADHD spin through their lives, tragically unable to "attach" to the usual goals and ambitions of steadier souls.  However, rather than track this "fact of life" to some insightful conclusions about psychological matters, we'll move directly to politics.

It's clear that the Mitt Campaign has been frenetically whirling the "Wheel of Fortune" late into the night as they search for any possible issue with traction.  This week, that "frenetic whirling" has, of course, been a relentless search for anything more interesting than the bungled tax return horror the Mittens has hatched in his latest effort to re-define himself.

Pursuing MeanMesa's incredibly optimistic, genetic inclination to always, always, "look for a silver lining in every dark cloud," we must search through this foggy mess for any possible opportunity to both help the Romney Campaign and our personal situation with "one swell swoop."

What emerges from this long suffering, steadfast positivism can be seen in our letter to the Campaign.

MeanMesa's Letter to the Romney Campaign

July 19, 2012
MeanMesa Galactic Headquarters
Revenue Division
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Campaign To Elect Mitt Romney President
Advanced Psychological Warfare Department
Hill Billy, Bigot and Base Management Bunker
Undisclosed Location, Utah, USA

Subject: Public Opinion Polls for Romney Tax Return Disclosure

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please accept our deepest sympathy for your campaign's current difficulty with the voter response to the candidate's refusal to release the tax returns.  We can only imagine the depth of frustration and despair which this completely unfair demand has caused those working so diligently to maintain Mr. Romney's carefully crafted image.

Based on this, MeanMesa would like to present an opportunity to counter these destructive public relations "troubles" at the grassroots level.

Wouldn't it be "worth quite a bit" to have a one of these cruel Democrat Party polling agencies get a solid "I don't care" response to their inquiry when they called MeanMesa about the tax return issue?

This is exactly what's being proposed here.  Of course, while a "direct purchase" of a vote for candidate Romney would be somewhat distasteful, a prepaid guarantee to respond to such a polling call with the message "I don't care," might be considered quite acceptable, not to mention quite valuable in the next network news cycle.

In fact, for very little additional cost to the campaign, MeanMesa could promote this same agreement with the many visitors to the site.

Let's say that a check for $2,500 from the campaign would absolutely "deliver the goods" in this clever approach to counter the campaign's on-going political disaster.  We are certain that the $2,500 price tag will be a very acceptable price for such a service when the value of such polling results are considered.

Make the check payable to:

Revenue Division
Galactic Headquarters

Thank you very much for your business.  MeanMesa is pleased to offer this opportunity to assist the Romney Campaign.


An Invitation to MeanMesa Visitors

If, as a MeanMesa visitor, you would like to have your own $2,500 check from the Romney Campaign, just drop us a line on the comments field.  Remember, you don't have to actually vote for the oligarch candidate, you must only promise to respond to the polling question in this manner, should they call for your opinion.

We will be offering a list of cruises and tours which can be purchased for $2,500 in a later post.

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