Thursday, November 22, 2012

Israel Palestine: A Post Cease Fire Primer

Bathing Events in Useless History

MeanMesa sends probably too much time in the tortured domain of the social media.  This last week has presented an endless -- and quite vitriolic -- reiteration of all the historical torment between the parties to the now tenuous cease fire over the border between Israel and Gaza.

There are thousands of pictures which could be inserted in this post.  Almost every one of them shows an outrage in Gaza or in Israel, and every outrage shown in one of these pictures shoves solutions a bit further back into the mayhem.

Gaza. This post is not about the past or even the present.  It is about the future. (image source)
The world doesn't need another one sided recitation of the litany of errors.  Every argument which can elevate one side to justifiable violence while relegating the other to justifiable victimhood has already been made too many times.  If hope itself hasn't understandably slipped, at least interest probably has.

Take another quick glance at the photo above.  You know what life is like where this boy lives.  Think about what your life was like when you were this age.  Think about where you were living.  Think about what that place was like.

Are there solutions?

It's a poetic question, perhaps one which begs a musical tune of some sort.  If there are solutions, they certainly seem elusive.

The naysayers are quick to offer up the road weary, hackneyed stoicism.  There were no fewer than six links on MeanMesa's Google which posed the question: "Who Has Won The War?"

"This war has gone on for years."  "These two sides can never reach a peaceful coexistence."  "It is hopeless to continue to try the same things over and over.  They will never work."

MeanMesa thinks that there may some actual value in that last one.  The "same things" are really not ever going to offer a solution.  However, what's missing in the current discussion is any reference to "things" which aren't the "same things."

Through the years, this blog has proposed a number of rather innovative solutions to this enduring conflict.   Settle into your easy chair on one of these chilly fall nights, and have a read.  The links below are to a few of the articles posted on this little blog over the past few years.  

If you see any ideas which you think might be constructively added to policy, speak up -- there really are those in power who are quite interested in some "out of the box" thinking.

You won't even need to give credit to Short Current Essays.

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