Monday, December 24, 2012

236 Years Ago Today -- and Today

Portrait of General and First President George Washington (IMAGE SOURCE)

236 years ago on Christmas Day, 1776, this General led the Continental Army across the Delaware River to attack and capture Trenton, New Jersey.  This victory was considered to be the first real victory for the Continental Army.  Trenton was fortified by Hessian mercenaries and a few British troops.

This is a soldier.  

This is a General.

Photograph of Senator John McCain (IMAGE SOURCE)

This is Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain.  Considered a "war monger" by many Americans, he is both the son and grandson of US Navy Admirals. He served in actual combat 28 minutes over North Vietnam and received 32 Navy citations for valor when he was released after being a prisoner of war.  He graduated 898th in a class of 900 from Annapolis.  He now serves the Republican Party in the US Senate as a "war expert."

General George Washington.

Senator John McCain.

When we are warm and well fed tomorrow on Christmas, we need to remember the freezing, wet boat trip across the Delaware River 236 years ago, made by an army which was short everything from food to ammunition but not short of valor.  We need to remember the quality of men who established the ideals of our country -- and lived them.  We must not be confused about who is whom.

We know.

MeanMesa's compliments to General George Washington.

Thank you, and R.I.P.

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