Sunday, December 9, 2012

Latest Freedom Works Email - Cannibalism in GOP

Without a comment here is the email sent to MeanMesa from right wing tea bag owners, Freedom Works. 

Finally, it's starting to implode. [links disabled]

The email.

Dear MeanMesa,

House Speaker John Boehner and the failed political establishment are purging House Committees of fiscal conservatives.

So far, Reps. Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikert have been removed from their respective committees for refusing to vote in lock step with the Republicans on endless spending. These members have been some of the most reliable votes for economic freedom and the Constitution, and they are now being punished for their loyalty to their Oath of Office.

Click here to call Boehner right now and tell him to restore these Members to their Committees.

These statesmen have been fighting tirelessly for us, and now we must fight for them.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (KS) – Removed from the House Budget Committee (96% FreedomWorks Lifetime Rating).

Rep. Justin Amash (MI) – Removed from the House Budget Committee (100% FreedomWorks Lifetime Rating).

Rep. David Schweikert (AZ) – Removed from the House Financial Services (96% FreedomWorks Lifetime Rating).

It’s bad enough we have to fight the big-spending liberal Democrats. But with friends like Boehner, who needs liberals?

Call Boehner Now!

The Republican leadership is tired of principled fiscal conservatives fighting against their big-government agenda, and this is just the first shot. We need to send a message to Boehner that we will not allow our most valued Congressmen to be purged for upholding their commitment to economic freedom and the Constitution.

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks

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