Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Latest Freedom Werks Email

Usually Freedom Works emails are relatively shallow, pathetic little things, but this one "breaks the mold." Maybe someone put meth in the tea. [links disabled]

Do these people ever listen to the "news?"

The email -- with a couple of cartoons to "lighten the load"

Supporting Governor Snyder - FreedomWorks in Michigan!
This was an historic week in the state of Michigan. After the state legislature passed a hard-fought Right-to-Work bill, Governor Rick Snyder signed it into law. Now workers in Michigan can enjoy the freedom of association guaranteed by the Constitution. FreedomWorks is applauding the governor's resolve in passing the measure.

This was a victory for the working people of Michigan but it will come at a cost. Unions and their supporters are already preparing to fight back. Governor Snyder needs your support to know that America stands by him.

Members of the FreedomWorks staff are in Michigan meeting with Governor Snyder and activists to bring you the on-the-ground story of the fight for worker freedom. Check out, and watch our exclusive interview with the governor. Get a behind the scenes look at how Michigan became a right-to-work state.

Update on ObamaCare State Exchange Fight

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FreedomWorks has been working hard at the state level to stop the implementation of ObamaCare. As of now, 26 states are refusing to establish a health insurance exchange. This is a huge development in the ongoing fight to reject the health care takeover.

Activists have sent over 35,000 messages to their state officials, urging them to say no to ObamaCare. Because states have until February to decide if they will partner with Washington for a partnership exchange, it is important to keep the pressure on your representatives. Be sure to stay connected with FreedomWorks for updates on the exchange battle. 

Keep the Heat on John Boehner!
"Debate with Insanity" (image source)

This week, FreedomWorks kept the heat on House Speaker John Boehner by urging grassroots activists to call their representative on the Republican Steering Committee and demand they reinstate the recently purged conservatives.

On Thursday, a Call to Action message was sent to all FreedomWorks activists. It provided a link to the Action Center where users can call their representative on the Republican Steering Committee. Together, the Committee members can override Boehner’s vote and the rest of the leadership. True fiscal conservatives like Justin Amash and Tim Huelskamp need all the help they can get to combat the Republican establishment. Now is not the time to relent! Keep the pressure on the Steering Committee and John Boehner till the purged Congressmen are reinstated!

Click here to call John Boehner's Congressional Office now.

MeanMesa reads the Freedom Works emails so you don't have to.

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