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Part 3: The Flaming, Red Hot Crisis at the GOP Scandal Factory

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Part Three
of three parts

Health Care "Skull Duggery" Reaches Adulthood

Every single week since the Congressional "debate" on the Affordable Care Act began five years ago, mountains of cash -- on average about $1 Mn every seven days -- has flowed directly from the parasitic "health insurance" corporations and the "hard working" pharmaceutical manufacturers into an irritating collection of little street gang hit men in these illicit 501C-4s along with the express orders to discredit the bill with "everything they've got." 

As the result of this, we've had every sort of nightmare including health care rationing, death panels, economic euthanasia, enforced vaccinations, Washington politicians between you and your doctor and the homosexual agenda spewed at us relentlessly in an well orchestrated, well financed public relations campaign.

It was an everyday "career opportunity" for the mouth junk boys such as Beck, Limbaugh, Savage and Hannity.

The dutifully obedient corporatists on the Supreme Court did their part, too.  In the decision "legalizing" ObamaCare, the already heavily soiled Chief Justice painlessly inserted his own "poison pill" into the mix by declaring that the Affordable Care Act could, indeed, be legally financed by an "imposed tax."  That seemed innocuous enough at the time -- something appearing to be only a nondescript judicial detail -- but, now we can see that this was nothing less than the judicial insertion of another desperately concocted vulnerability to be exploited later to stop implementation of the program.

The money boys' almost phobic "Hail Mary" reaction in hastily fabricating the IRS scandal is full evidence that it was "now later," that is, that it was time to press the exploitation potential that their boy, Chief Justice Roberts, had so craftily laced into the decision like a terrorist grenade.  It may be more than innocent irony that while the favorite explosive device of terrorists is plastic C4 , the favorite corrupt money moving device of the anti-democracy oligarchs would be the 501 C-4 exemption clause.

Naturally, the IRS would be involved in financing the Affordable Care Act in a number of ways, but one important duty would be to review individual claims for the federal subsidy and authorize it for those citizens who met the bill's criteria.  The think tanks decided that the best way to undercut this process would be to discredit the IRS, hence the ridiculous 501C-4 scandal.

The mechanism the think tanks selected for this task was to embellish the "invasive" nature of gathering the information necessary to determine if individual citizens would qualify.  Predictably, this set the hill billies' hair on fire, and the chumpy news pundits couldn't get enough of it.

The think tanks and their obedient, domesticated 501C-4s had already invested literally billions of dollars into convincing the hill billies of the Republican base that the IRS was purely "Satanic big government."  MeanMesa can easily imagine an Affordable Care Act interviewer working to sign up eligible citizens facing a shot gun in the hands of a toothless, near sighted, overweight, crippled diabetic with no health care options but full of the propaganda.

MeanMesa visitors have already concluded long ago that the Republican Party would be left as nothing more than an untalented, castrated clown if the fear and distrust of its base were ever to be shaken.  Further, after the lunatic fringe of the party assiduously excluded one voting block after another following back room verdicts of ideological impurity during the campaign, the population of the Grand Old Party's faithful has fallen to a depressing all time low.

At the same time, the political cash available from the GOP's cynical, openly craven, billionaire owners has reached an all time high.

The self-inflicted damage which began as the Party's comical ideological witch trials has grown far worse since then.  While PEW reports that only 28% of American voters self-identify themselves as Republicans, 61% of that 28% want the future GOP to become even more conservative. [Read more.]

Only election crimes in Republican controlled states preserved the tea bag GOP's illegitimate death grip on the House of Representatives after the 2012 election.  As long as this remained no more than an incomprehensibly complex political subtlety, it enjoyed a certain synthetic immunity from wider political outrage, but that, it turns out, was temporary.  Even more low information voters are now having the nagging suspicion that "something's not quite right" with the old, previously settled, majority rule principle. 

A Tour of Republican Hell - 2013

The "hellish nature" of the present torment facing the oligarchs and their wholly owned Party derives primarily from the comparison of the "products of politics" and the "products of policy."  The first may be flamboyantly incendiary, but the latter have significantly more "staying power" with voters.  The carefully imaged picture of an American disaster which the oligarchs have invested so much to fabricate is now countered daily not by contradicting politics, but by unavoidable reality.  The ogre in the closet is the Republican record of governing, but, for Republicans, the "man eating monster" is the visible fact of the recovering country.

Everyone -- even the otherwise uninterested -- can see everything for themselves, that is, on their own -- without faux editorial assistance from the oligarchic echo chamber media.

The value of the stock market is stable at an all time record high.  Half of its current value was created during the Obama Presidency.  A respectable fraction of the 40% wealth lost by middle class Americans in the Republican fiasco of 2008 is being slowly restored.

Nationally, consumer confidence is climbing back to a workable level.  

There are regional housing markets with actual inventory shortages.  Home prices are slowly increasing [Read More.] throughout the bankster induced foreclosure wastelands.  New home construction is faltering back to reasonable levels.

Even after the suffocating House tea bag austerity tantrums vaporized 750,000 government jobs and Obama's jobs programs [Read more.], the overall unemployment figures still continue their torturous descent down to the 5% the US economy considers "normal."  On the down side, domestic labor costs have dropped so low that manufacturing businesses are dragging their plants back home from China to enjoy the low labor rates created by the GOP's wild austerity policies.  

The GOP's Nightmare (Image source)
The Federal budget deficit which exploded when Obama visibly added the un-financed Bush war costs is dropping in a repeat of the Clinton years.  While deficits were solidly perched in the trillions during the autocracy, Obama is expecting an astoundingly low deficit of $650 Bn this year.  The national debt -- the topic chosen to replace discussion of Republican jobs failures -- shows the results.

After a well lubricated beginning which promised "no real pain for anyone," the Republicans' economy wrecking austerity programs have begun to reach the base of the Party.  All across the nation confused hill billies and bigots are slowly realizing that their roads and bridges are collapsing, that their children are sitting in over packed public school classrooms and that the police and fire departments in their own towns are smaller and smaller.

Now that the dust has settled after the media onslaught of the earlier years of the Obama Administration, it turns out that the rabidly "free market" states with wall to wall Republican legislators and governors slicing and dicing general funds -- and services --  to "spur growth" and  "provide incentives" for their local gangs of "job creators" are being revealed as failed parasites desperately dependent on federal spending to sustain their horrible governance.

The Republican base with actual employment, most of whom are non-union wage earners, have been constantly tempted with the wild fantasy of joining the billionaire oligarchs who own the Party, but these same dreamers are now facing the toothache reality of rapidly descending wages, benefits and job security.  While these GOP voters listen to the relentless drum beat blaming liberals and Democrats -- contrary to fact -- for the debt, the annual budget deficits and the utterly lack luster recovery, their personal financial condition continues to decline.

What is good news for Americans is bad news for the Republican Party.  2014 just might be the worst mid term election in that unfortunate Party's history.

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