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MeanMesa to the Rescue: Randi Rhodes' Golden Parachute

[A note for MeanMesa's international visitors:  Randi Rhodes is one of the finest progressive talk radio hosts ever to grace the AM air waves in the United States.  Very sadly -- but understandably -- she has announced that she will be leaving the air waves in a few days. You can visit Randi's FaceBook page at this link:]

A Glimpse at Randi's Record

Due diligence for this post requires that everyone must understand the extremely close relation between Randi and MeanMesa.  Her progressive radio show was broadcast every weekday here in Albuquerque [The Randi Rhodes Show, AM 1350, KABQ, Albuquerque, 4-7 PM  week days], and Randi's voice was a daily visitor to MeanMesa's kitchen here at Galactic HeadQuarters. If you happen to be out of country, visit Randi's Face Book page to get acquainted with her.

Quite a lot has been published about her plans to leave the air.  Sample of few of the following links to get the story.  Naturally, there are "two views" of Randi, so MeanMesa has separated the links below between more or less "regular" articles and right wing conservative "wing nut" articles.

Regular articles:

Wing Nut articles:

Here, mention should also be made that pretty much all through Rhodes' career she has been relentlessly hammered by the servants of the oligarchs she so energetically exposed.  The mega-rich own and control around 95%+ of the broadcast media available on US radio.  Predictably, billionaires exerted their reactionary financial "editorial prerogatives" in these attacks without any guise whatsoever of restraint of pretending to honor media responsibility or even the fundamental democracy.

These miscreants have spent literally hundreds of millions to keep every hill billy in America "juiced to the gills" with hate radio -- always accompanied with and unending flow of fear and loathing of Randi.

[image source]

Every "mean trick" which could be fabricated by the always ready oligarchic think tanks and implemented amid the lubricating luxury of oodles of billionaire money has landed on Randi Rhodes through the years.  Although she has never so much as blinked in her constant commitment to illuminate the oligarchic coup attempt, she has now, sadly, taken this decision for her own, personal well being and peace.

She will be a fond and enduring presence in the mind and heart of MeanMesa to the day these old bones say good bye to this world.

Rescuing Randi

While all of her fans would naturally hope that Randi might just whisk from the door of her studio to a lavish limousine, disappearing into the horizon to a secure, comfortable -- and much deserved -- wonderful retirement, this may not be the case.  With all this in mind, MeanMesa's thoughts predictably wander immediately toward possible solutions for Randi's more or less unavoidable "golden age cash flow challenges."

So, what kind of plan could possibly be cooked up by a geriatric, heart broken high desert blogger?

Re-establishing this old codger's peace of mind will clearly require "cooking up" a nice "golden parachute" scheme for the Queen of Progressive Radio. It may not be as complicated as it looks.

Here's the plan.

After a couple of months for rest and relaxation, Randi should begin a very aggressive medication regime of huge daily doses of massive amounts of tranquilizers, sedatives, mood stabilizers and the like.  After she has reached a nearly comatose state, a quiet proposal can be pitched to FOX.

See, FOX has a closet filled with gutless progressives which provides the network's "bite and snatch" punditry schedulers with a string of unconvincing dolts which are intended to reinforce the "two sides" disguise of the network's rancid "fair and balanced" nonsense.  Of course, none of these "toothless wonders" would ever fool anyone besides those denizens of FOX's base, but their tedious presence provides a perpetually safe "punching ball" target for the necessary audio sadism of the likes of Hannity or O'Reilly.

Obviously, the entire current cast of these FOX "theoretical progressives" has become rather thread bare, you know, utterly lack luster after literally years of dutifully losing every argument with Murdoch's Sunday School crowd.

Of course this is depressing, but in Randi's case, it is precisely the unlikely opening which offers all the financial security which could ever be required for our heroine's "happy ever after."

Randi's "quiet proposal" to insert herself into service as one of these FOX "punching ball" roles would inevitably lead to some sort of interview with Murdoch's management minions.  Now, although we would all normally assume that such an interview would become an almost instant, violent disaster, in her deeply sedated state, Randi would appear quite manageable and, hence, useful to the FOX programming manager interviewing her.

Further, the prospect of contracting the exact woman who, only a few months before, had been literally the Queen of Progressive Broadcast Radio into the role of a confused, submissive "token liberal" eye candy on FOX hate shows would be irresistible.  The million dollar contract could be prepared immediately.  It would, of course, include a very punitive "early termination" clause should the FOX folks, however unlikely, ever wanted to get rid of Randi before the term had been completed.

With all this hand, Randi could instantly cease all the medication.  Within a few days she would still be ushered into the daily "killing ground" of the chair to the left of the FOX broadcast "mouth junk" pundit, but -- instead of being the heavily sedated, passive, dithering wreck of a woman who had appeared for the interview -- it would be the old Randi!

MeanMesa assumes that after cashing out that big FOX "early contract termination" check, Randi and Howard would, this time for real, be slowly disappearing into the sunset -- aboard their new yacht -- on the way to their new beach front mansion in the Bahamas.

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