Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why the Rio Grande Smells so bad...rotting "Sugar Daddies?"

Dangerous Billionaires Loose in the High Desert
What could we possibly have that they want?

MeanMesa posted about the "right to work" scam which was ordered by ALEC a few months back. Because the "crisis" was so incredibly "off base" for a place like New Mexico, most of the most reasonable questions about the proposal remained unanswered as the proposed legislation simply drifted into the desert somewhere and passed out quietly.

This blog posted about that "first wave" part at the time: A New Mexico "Right To Work" Primer - MeanMesa

There is always the immediate suspicion in such cases that the plan's "money men" had never actually quite engaged their check books. It turns out that this is not such a unreasonable suspicion after all.

MeanMesa received this fascinating email from PROGRESSNOWNM. It is posted here in its entirety. All links in the original remain enabled -- including the solicitation for a couple of bucks to keep the organization funded. MeanMesa doesn't have much to send, but there was still enough for a small check.

If you happen to be a MeanMesa visitor from New Mexico, you need to stay up to date on this one. If you reside elsewhere, this may still be rather interesting.

No issue is more important to the conservative agenda than passing anti-worker bills like so-called ‘right-to-work,' so nothing matters more to us than fighting it.
Last week, the new Business and (un)Employment Committee cut us off when we spoke during the public comment period to share emails between the Koch-funded Rio Grande Foundation and Republican operatives planning to find a “sugar daddy” to fund a fake right-to-work study and campaign funds to push it.
“We need s sugar daddy willing to put up $S$ to push it. We can win all close elections if D is dumb enough to oppose.” 
They shut us down – but not before our testimony prompted reporters to ask the Rio Grande Foundation about their “sugar daddy” plan. 
Now it looks like Mickey Barnett found his sugar daddy.
Our new report, released just before today’s Judiciary Committee hearing on right-to-work (RTW), tracks the money flowing from the man who wrote that now-infamous organizing email straight to the Republicans voting to pass it.
We dug into RTW lobbyist Mickey Barnett's donations and found that since he sent his 'sugar daddy' email, he's doled out thousands of dollars to every incumbent Republican who voted for his bill – more than $12,000 alone to the handful of members on these two key committees.
Barnett 1
Read the full report online at progressnownm.org 
The new right-wing majority is moving this bill forward, but not without us exposing who gets paid and why.
That's why we're here and why we need your help.  
We're making Republicans in Santa Fe uncomfortable, but we need you to educate the rest of New Mexico.  Can you share our work with a friend who needs to know?  Can you chip in to keep our researchers working and our spokespeople at the mic?  

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