Monday, August 31, 2015

Stand With the Women

The GOP's 2015 "Hill Billy Vagina Police"

MeanMesa received this email from DailyKOS this morning. It is an invitation to add your name to the petition sponsored by the Democratic Governors Association informing these Stone Age throwbacks that Americans are TOTALLY OVER their phony "religious purity" shenanigans. These shills know that their highly edited version of "something or other" that their Super PAC think tanks have snatched from the prevailing religion will reach the information challenged "religious misogynists" in the Republican base. All of them are desperately dreaming that this will inspire [incite] a nice collection of sanctimonious, hateful losers to vote for a GOP candidate in the upcoming primaries.

Of course we all know by now that the billionaires are -- officially -- turning on each other politically. Trump's wild success with the disgruntled party loyalists has left these plutocrats staring blankly at their "wounded" check books as they watch the sold out candidates they have financed so generously going down in flames. Most visitors to this blog are also quite hopeful that the well orchestrated strangle hold these same miscreants have constructed in state governments is scheduled to be broken -- possibly permanently -- in the 2016 balloting.

So, what this is all about is the effort to, somehow, stop the damage they are now preparing to inflict on their own populations in the states they control. Even though they fully realize that this brutality will not serve them well in a national election, they don't care a whit about anything beyond surviving the primary. Lost in this frantic electoral frenzy, they are poised to do substantial, durable injury to the women trapped inside the red state boundaries.

We don't really expect that this petition will significantly alter the behavior of these ALEC infested political monstrosities, but this is one we should sign anyway. The men in this picture [below] are wild eyed political extremists, and maybe the petition will communicate to them that they are...


Here is the link: DailyKOS CAMPAIGN

Seriously "fixed up" Bibles in one hand and Billionaire Owners of the GOP in the other. [DailyKOS]

The GOP lost big with women in 2012 but they still haven’t learned their lesson. With 2016 around the corner, Democrats are committed to moving America forward while Republicans are focused on continuing their outdated war on women.

Conservative Governors across the country are pushing for laws that would in some cases TRIPLE the waiting time for a woman to receive the health care she needs. Republicans are sending the message that women can’t be trusted to make their own health decisions.

Join Daily Kos and the Democratic Governors Association by adding your name to tell GOP Governors: your attempts to impose women’s health restrictions are disgusting.

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