Is It Time For Men To Hand the GOP 
an "Unconditional Surrender?"
Why not paralyze the Biblical Republicans in their own Dark Age dreams?

No. [image source]
The evangelical wing of the GOP's violent asylum would like to control all sex in the United States from their ghoulish cult's perch in the Congress. Further, it's not just them. Tantalizing their already quite unstable, Old Testament, post-Biblical base with an unending stream of threats of "God's punishment" descending on sinners, they have revealed their suspiciously twisted, yet painfully desperate, appetite for any possible attachment to Dominionist authority.

In case anyone visiting the blog has not yet suffered bruises and abrasions from their Mad Hatter tear to "moral ascendancy," just wait. Your time is coming.

Perhaps as many as 20% of American voters -- the GOP's actual base once it is adjusted togood king." This crowd of the "uber righteous" and "eternally long suffering" hears a constantly reaffirming audio of their "oppression" by simply tuning into God's imaginary radio station -- FOX, of course, with a narcotizing chorus of evangelicals in the background.. Just think of it as a 21st Century version of Lamentations.

Be sure to just whisper. [image source]
compensate for the gerrymandering and violent schemes for voter suppression -- are entirely willing to imagine themselves as staggering, rag draped sheep herders wandering around in 1,000 BC Palestine waiting for a "

Well, the season for the next "War on Christmas" is fast approaching, so naturally, MeanMesa has been thinking about possible gifts. At the top of the list is the idea of total surrender.

Got your attention?

Maybe it's time to give the GOP's Old Testament crowd exactly what they've been dreaming about for all these decades since Reagan.

How It Can Work
Girl power!

If a large majority of the men in the country were to contritely "join up" with the Republicans' horrible plan for American women, the women, themselves, would unavoidably begin to see everything quite clearly in no time. All the carefully engineered, theocratic, "complicated confusion" would be swept away quickly, and the odor of raw, savage, Christian style Sharia Law would become inescapable. The boys just need to mumble something along these lines to the astonished Republicans: "Oh! Now I see that your harsh plan for women was right all along. How could I have been so pig headed? I mean, after all, it was a damned woman who gave the talking snake to Adam, right? Let's go straighten out all these rebellious women right away!"

"All of us guys are ready to teach these uppity women a thing or two right now! That's why we're all joining ranks with the Republicans!"

Just turn it over to hate radio.
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MeanMesa suspects that these well funded, sold out, evangelical "prophets" in "bankers' clothing" would be caught entirely off guard! After wearily selling faux religious oppression and injustice for so long, such a sudden, unexpected success would leave them utterly rattled! Naturally, these phony, "collared misogynists" would begin a monumental, sexist over reach starting the next day.

Immediately, however, the women would also be growing completely -- that is, really, really, really -- tired of the GOP version of Sharia almost instantly. The idea that all the Confederate crackers had somehow aligned themselves with all the men who had "surrendered" to "join" the GOP's "War on Women," would initiate a gender insurrection the likes of which had never been seen before.

The girls would only have "one arrow left in their quiver" -- their ballots. Women -- as a voting demographic -- have been curiously complacent with their rotten treatment at the hands of these Republicans. It's time now for all the real men in the country to stand with the GOP to make sure that the women are really pissed off this time.

Women represent slightly more than 53% of the US electorate. They can basically elect anyone they choose. Given these conditions, MeanMesa thinks that the women will do exactly that.

Problem solved.

After the women crush the GOP evangelical hill billies, the only part remaining will be convincing the them that we didn't really mean it, and that we planned for it to turn out this way all along.