Tuesday, October 20, 2015

STITCHER: Maddow Now Number 3

A Sign of Our Times

Those of us unwilling to enter into the monthly cable television extortion contracts listen to The [Dr.] Rachel Maddow Show in an audio format on a one day delay basis. This free service is provided to MeanMesa at the Short Current Essays Galactic Command Headquarters in Albuquerque by STITCHER [Link: http://www.stitcher.com/stitcher-list/].

Rachel's show is reached by navigating through STITCHER's site to "Top Shows" where STITCHER's most frequently accessed choices are listed in the order of their popularity. Her show usually appears somewhere in the range from 17th to 22nd "most popular."

If any of this blog's visitors are still of the mind that what is happening in our nation's "political world" is only "more of the same," please note:

The Rachel Maddow Show is now listed as the
most popular show on STITCHER's list.

[MeanMesa has posted before on this topic Desperate MSNBC Frantically Grabs Corporate "Keep Away" Policy]

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