Friday, February 19, 2016

Sanders/Clinton: The Embarrassment of Riches

The Glorious Companion 
Progressive AM Radio in the High Desert:
KABQ Albuquerque
A chance to connect with the REAL sentiment of America's vast majority

It should be no surprise that this old blogger has the typical geriatric habit of listening to the radio.

Here in Albuquerque we are blessed with our own progressive station, KABQ AM 1350. This is mentioned here because plenty of other cities much more populous than Albuquerque are virtually "progressive radio deserts" in which every progressive station which has ever attempted to gain a foot hold has been ruthlessly murdered by the "big money boys."  

Thanks to KABQ, MeanMesa enjoys broadcast access to a very robust collection of progressive talk shows every week day. Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Bill Press and so on. [A late night favorite, Mike Malloy, finally threw in the towel and began selling subscription pod casts. Unhappily, the household budget won't quite stretch far enough to include them in MeanMesa's daily fare. On a positive note, however, it is now being hinted that another of MeanMesa's all time favorites, Randi Rhodes, may be returning to the airwaves after her well earned sabbatical.]

MeanMesa has slowly realized that listening to an unending litany of citizens trying to validate either a Sanders or a Clinton decision has induced a rather stubbornly unpleasant episode of "gastric disturbance." These stuttering "debates" are now the "meat and potatoes" of most of these favorite talk shows. Predictably, each of the respective hosts of these shows from time to time is accused by some breathless partisan of "being biased" in favor of one or the other of these candidates.

All this was mildly interesting for a while, but when presented in an unending, glacial flow of such petulant rantings, it has become tiresome indeed.

Come on, folks. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY ELECTIONS! So, relax. Campaign if it pleases you, but acknowledge the fact that WE KNOW HOW THIS IS GOING TO TURN OUT! SOMEONE is going to win these primaries and become the Democratic nominee at the convention.

There is no possible reason for us to be so eagerly "hoisting ourselves on our own petards" with this
Remember? We're DEMOCRATS!
[image fB]
 endless bickering and name calling. Let's save all this energy to make sure that the oligarchs don't capture the White House simply because we were so exhausted that we couldn't fight.

Finally, there should be a short "disclaimer." MeanMesa will be voting for Sanders in the New Mexico primary. However, there are both a Sanders and a Clinton bumper sticker on Galactic Headquarters' front apartment window. Tomorrow morning MeanMesa will be at the Democratic Party ward meeting at a near by high school selecting a nominating delegate for the NM State Democratic Convention. AND, MeanMesa will be voting for THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY Candidate in the 2016 election.

THAT is where we are.

Given all this, have a look at MeanMesa's modest little graphic statement.


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