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Is Bill Clinton the "Brain" Behind Donald Trump?

Everything is actually PERFECTLY OKAY. [image]
Why do you keep doing this to yourself?
Relentlessly Disturbing,
Conspiracy Theory Based,
Agonizing, Unsettling,
Apparently Unavoidable,
Probably Inescapable,
2016 Election
Oh, just relax. It's probably nothing.

What's the problem? The 2016 Presidential campaign certainly SEEMS to be rolling along, "roses, simply roses," right? The entire free world is transfixed with the vibrant beauty and power of the American democracy in action, right?

The Americans are preparing to "do their thing." The domestic media air waves are bustling. Everyone with a microphone is busily attempting to re-frame this "2016 thing" as something reassuringly similar to its predecessors.

Yet, there are some very visible, very awkward incongruities which...hmmm..."just don't seem to sit well" with an old geezer like MeanMesa. There really seem to be a more than a few, troubling "loose ends" which don't really fit into any particularly happy picture of might be considered a "sensible outcome" for the process.

These "loose ends" pose a few questions. Relax, this isn't going to become another one of those crazy, page after page, MeanMesa geriatric ranting and raving sessions. We can settle on "just a few" of these questions, and once they've been posed, we can get right to the point of this post -- which will be all about one of them -- the last one.

The 2016 Presidential Election:
The "Loose Ends" and a "Few Questions"
We may have to just wait patiently to glimpse the "sensible outcome."

At some earlier point there were probably discussions about candidates and issues, but -- as usual -- with only a few months separating us from the "big day" when "power will be peacefully passed on to the next chosen leader," the entire narrative has metamorphosed into its more traditional form of raw sports casting. Now, at least for the next few months, we will be living day to day with the constant grinding of the unrelenting stream of latest polling results gnawing patiently at our collective raison d'etre.

Now for some REAL entertainment!
However, even amid all this somewhat reassuring athletic blather of the domestic media coverage, there doesn't seem to be any particular political interest is answering these damned, gnawing questions. Let's have a look at what still seems to be firmly in the air during the 2016 election "plate juggling contest."

The Seven Awkward Questions: 
Why does the 2016 election look so creepy?
[There are plenty more...]

MeanMesa has "taken the liberty" of inserting a "surprisingly powerfulpatented, easy to usehighly scientific, proprietary" VOMIT-ometer to help visitors have a feel for the respective "creepiness" associated with each question and answer. This device was invented right here in the SHORT CURRENT ESSAYS New Mexico research facility. [Don't worry, it is NOT powered by atomic energy. It runs on "tar and coal." Our marketing team finally settled on the vomit tone dial color.]

1. What ever happened to the $900 Mn the Koch brothers threatened to throw into the GOP  "Citizen United" campaign coffers?

Pretty much normal
The "hard working, freedom loving," billionaire brothers don't like Donald Trump. When they were bandying about the idea that they would jump in to inundate the election with Koch millions, the lead candidates were all much more "purchasable" than Trump. In any event the billionaires had been doing much better with the purchase of state level politicians since they didn't seem to be able to buy the Presidency.

Now, those creepy billionaires are "just fuming," sitting on a "whole bunch of money with nowhere to go," that is, "no where to go shopping" for more control over our government. Not a problem -- there's still always Hillary.

2. Will anyone ever actually investigate the infuriatingly suspicious  primary elections that delivered the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton?

Mildly Creepy
Quite beyond the "sore loser" moaning of the Sanders supporters, the primary election process which netted Mrs. Clinton the nomination really did stink. Looking back at the state by state mess while attempting to penetrate the conveniently dense fog raised by the obviously twisted, media reporting, the state level primaries had "the stain" of Bill Clinton and plenty of 1920's style Democratic "back room political bosses" mischief all over them.

3. Did the GOP heavyweights really completely miss Donald Trump's terrible prospects for losing the election in a landslide?

Really Uncomfortable
There are plenty of Republican elite types -- bankers and billionaires whose raw greed serves as the GOP's driving force -- who consider a national election to be much more of a business opportunity than anything that has to do with working of democracy. This bunch takes the visible politics of such an event very seriously -- they are seeking out "profit opportunities" which have nothing to do with the future course of the nation. Yet, the domestic media has successfully portrayed Trump's rise as a totally unexpected "phenomenon," a prelude to insinuating all sorts of the media version of "political conclusions" about "what it means." Not even the limpid trust fund babies of the oligarchy dreamers are this naive.

There simply isn't "enough lipstick" to make any part of this look legitimate.

4. Will anyone be held to account after Trump managed to scour out $1 Bn dollars worth of free "unearned" media coverage from the domestic networks?

Strangely Irritating
If not much else of value has emerged from this electoral fiasco, we can still take comfort in the degree to which the craven executives of the industrial media have exposed themselves -- CBS CEO Moonves even went so far as to publicly say so: Trump Not Good For America, But Damn Good For Business/HUFFPOST. The US domestic media works feverishly to maintain the "bubble" that its "business model" still has something to do with fulfilling the Constitutional responsibilities of the Fourth Estate.

It doesn't. It should be embarrassing to see the "free press" fighting with itself over the contents of the nearest "political dumpster."

5. Is there any plan to eliminate the exaggerated influence of the GOP's "religious right" 20% from skewing every primary election -- forever?

Gastric Distress
During every primary, the GOP's self-proclaimed, "right thinking," hyper pious. "old rugged cross" crowd reduces what might have otherwise been an actual "political discussion of issues" to a moribund repetition of a Dark Ages Bible study. The arrogant Dominionists, dour sin-searching Deuteronomists, bitter "end timers" and the other biblical lunatics divert any possible "political discourse" to laughably breathless, endlessly frantic issues of ancient biblical sin.

We've already seen plenty of this scam. The billionaires' think tanks twist every possible question [... and more than a few "impossible" questions, too] into another incendiary "trigger" to juice up their small minority of pet GOP evangelical, primary voters to gain political control.

For the billionaires this is the perennial equivalent of a "bargain basementpolitical demographic where the votes are cheap. If it is "election time," we really need to be talking about governance and policy decisions -- not endlessly repeating desolate Old Testament chest pounding.

6. What happened to the "autopsy" the GOP performed on itself after losing the 2012 to Obama?

Completely Unsettling
We remember the "autopsy." The GOP leadership's momentary mea culpa was focused on attracting women and minority voters. Four years later the "mouth" of the GOP is deeming Mexican immigrants "rapists and murderers" while asserting that any woman getting an abortion "has to be punished." The reasonable conclusion is that the banksters and hedgies in charge of the Republican Party will say anything and blame anybody to survive the next news cycle unscathed.

The GOP Party managers AND the GOP base voters have become even worse now than they were then.

Finally, we arrive at the main topic of this post:

7. Was Donald Trump a "creation" of political mastermind, Bill Clinton, designed to  get his wife elected?

Donald Trump endorsing Hillary Clinton during her New York Senate campaign.
More than "momentary" birds of a feather? Everyone looks so happy.
Very, Very, Pepto-Bismol
Trump was already an "impossible dream" before he even began campaigning. His irritating record of half-hearted threats to run for President through the years should have tipped off everyone paying attention six months ago.

Nonetheless, MeanMesa cannot "relieve himself" of the rather banal news reporting that Bill and Donald had a long talk "about politics" during one of their conversations earlier this year.

If we allow ourselves to indulge in the wild conspiracy theory, the first aspects of it to "firm up" are the obvious possibilities. Hillary Clinton was going to be hard to get nominated. She had a steady 60%-70% "unfavorable rating," [statistically close to Trump's "unfavorable rating"] and the press found it effortless to locate a "man on the street" -- practically any street -- and hear the same opinion: "I can't trust her."

The campaign "fact checkers" have been brutal with Donald Trump, but the nature of the current GOP base voter is such that his campaign has suffered no particular "credibility problems" as a result. Mrs. Clinton, it turns out, is also far from a "high school virgin" with respect to telling voters the truth, although she suffers more and offends far less than The Donald. [Fact Checking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump/POLITIFACT_TAMPA]

Granted, a good portion of this has arisen from the millions of dollars and thousands of broadcast hours spent by the right wing media to discredit the woman. But...what's unfolding now is simply too creepy to qualify as "just one of those things." NOTHING in modern times flies together as well as this very suspicious "sudden discovery" that we have loved Hillary Clinton all along.

If someone had sat quietly organizing what would become an "almost fool proof" scheme to place Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, every one of the "unusual" political facets would have been central to such a plan. If there were no other particular reason to ever vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump would solve the problem handily. The role to be played by Trump would be littered with embarrassing outrage -- pretty much what his role has, in fact, been.

The understandable reluctance of the the voters among the Democratic majority to vote for such a "questionable package" would literally slide out of the way if the alternative were to be casting a vote for Trump. The dynamics of the fundamental Constitutional system may have attempted -- no matter how feebly -- to correct itself with the populist candidacy of Sanders, but the contest simply didn't take that turn.

Progressives such as MeanMesa were concerned that we might lose this election to the Republicans. It turns out that, instead, we lost this election to the Democrats. It went across "party lines" without a moment's hesitation. The 2016 election was a contest between the duties and responsibilities required for the preservation of the democracy and the grotesque ambitions of the oligarchs. The oligarchs won.

It looks like Bill is finally going back home.

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