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Learning to Love The Trump

How I Learned to Stop
Worrying and Love the Bomb

A Very Cordial, Well Mannered,
Thoughtful Post With <almost
No Politics
Relax. Take a break! The BIG MONEY is quietly 
gearing up the free press to

Although it is now only August, every Fourth Estate "voice" with a microphone or a typewriter in America's vast, albeit useless, industrial, "free press" is already churning out an endless collection of compelling reasons why The Trump is a horrible person and must be soundly defeated [yes, "Trumped"] in November. MeanMesa, aside from admittedly suffering through the tedium and unavoidable ennui accompanying the hours of insipid media repetition, still essentially agrees with all these nasty comments.

Donald Trump is, indeed, a profoundly despicable creation. Further, this creation is the predictable, final result to be expected after decades of laborious, GOP, think tank driven, political manipulation "strategy" -- the Republican Party's version of a "cottage industry" -- established a fetid political "petri dish" which would inevitably produce either this Trump or another Trump just like him. Simply acknowledging the grotesque product of this work may be helpful but even such a careful effort might still fail to correctly establish the shockingly arcane reality of it.

However, while all these claims may "have some substance," there is growing evidence that what we see before our eyes is actually a monumental deception. The only reassuring element is that, if this is the case, even the oligarchs have been deceived right along with hundreds of millions of American voters. To explore this thoroughly, we must first dismiss the obvious details about the candidates and their campaigns and then look carefully for clues about what is really transpiring behind the scene.

So, holding true to this post's title, let's agree that wasting any more key strokes on discrediting the fool or applying even more lip stick to the "other candidate" is hardly necessary, relevant or constructive for our investigation. 

Instead, MeanMesa thinks that this may be an excellent moment to seek out a larger, more encompassing, "big picture" model of what's happening to the nation's democracy. We are unquestionably "sailing into uncharted waters" as we speak.

Let's try to track down what shadowy details of this "monumental deception" may actually be available to us, given what we can deduce from what we see so far. The "clouds" make this crime scene very, very, extremely foggy at this point.

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Deceptions which "simply jump out" as they are being revealed are the typical case. In such instances a little evidence -- sometimes only a fleeting glimpse of merely a single iota of evidence -- is sufficient to pique an unsettled curiosity and inspire further investigation. Unhappily, this comfortable situation is not the case with this one. Here, almost the opposite seems to be the case.

The specific "evidence" which has piqued MeanMesa's geriatric curiosity is actually not what would normally be considered "evidence" of much of anything...that is, anything specific. Instead, what we see appears to be one utterly non sequitur event after another. Don't be too hasty to pillory yourself as an out of control conspiracy maniac. MeanMesa smells plenty of unpleasant evidence lurking just below the innocent, chaotic surface of matters but still -- at this point -- remaining out of sight below some exquisitely fashioned fog.

We Always Begin With Motives.
Bill and Hillary always seemed to be such a...uh...nice couple.
To the Clintons, Trump probably looked a lot like the tooth fairy.

A Public Relation Genius' Dream of a Purple Heart??
[Watch it live - YOUTUBE]
Bill Clinton had PLENTY of bruises to settle with the Republican Party. His Presidency ushered in the GOP's current ideological tirade of not simply losing election after election, but consistently careening toward impeachment efforts as soon as possible after each humiliating defeat.

Bill Clinton has always been a political mastermind, yet, quietly sitting as an ex-President, his "opportunities for revenge" and his possible "opportunities to pursue his ambitions" before Hillary's candidacy were quite limited. However, as his wife entered the political scene as a potentially viable candidate, all his odds suddenly grew much better.

Given this "environment of blood enmity" between Clinton and the GOP billionaires' "rat pack," the motives for this current scheme can possibly be explained along two seemingly separate avenues:

1. Bill would love to have Hillary win, and Bill would love to return to the White House himself -- even as First Husband, and,
2. Bill Clinton would love to "get even" -- dealing a political death blow to his Republican tormentors.

Bill accurately appraised the condition of the GOP a few months ago when he was "encouraging" Donald Trump to "go ahead and run again." The tattered wreckage of the Republican brand exposed a serious vulnerability. The billionaires in charge of the Party had mortally over extended.

After years of financing the GOP's "private media," the billionaires' fantasy of a new, reactionary, illiterate voter base driven entirely by fear, mistrust, racism and anger had finally materialized. Clinton was faced with only the almost effortless -- and no doubt delightfully pleasant -- task of "setting the ball rolling," and Donald Trump presented the ultimate opportunity to do precisely this.

MeanMesa, always in search of a "lofty editorial" perch in such "ethically odorous" matters, is, of course, not speculating as to whether or not The Trump was "brought on board" with Bill's diabolical scheme. The likelihood of either of the alternative "guesses" is roughly the same.

Perhaps all MeanMesa visitors can now understand why this crotchety old blogger now concludes that:

This is a SET UP!

Well, probably not actually 
THAT much danger. [image]

Naturally, such an unlikely suspicion will require a review of "the quiet, subtle signs" of such a conspiracy's existence. Unhappily, there is very little more beyond a few "unusual observations" which can be added at this time. Happily, given the current state of things, even such a "Set Up" appears to have "plenty of positives."

A Quick Inventory of the 
Non-Political "Non-Evidence"
Yes, there may be a 
real mystery afoot here!
We can't explain it both ways.
Way Number 1:     What Trump is doing makes sense -- but only secretly.
Way Number 2:                What Trump is doing makes no sense,     and...
no amount of additional evidence will convince anyone
 that Trump is actually doing what he presently claims he is doing.

The basic "conspiracy theory" which is the subject of this MeanMesa post has been presented previously on this blog: 

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With this conspiracy theory in mind, let's take a look at a few of the unusual, mysterious, inexplicable and awkwardly strange features of the Trump campaign. We can group these into roughly associated categories.

The Republican Party

The billionaire owners of the Republican Party had been "full steam ahead" in their efforts to create a well positioned "counter establishment" block in the Party's voter base. Their conclusion was that there were simply not enough "looting opportunities" loose in the Congress to share any of them with the "old guard" GOP establishment of banksters, hedgies and the traditional Country Club set.

After a few years of this effort the Tea Party emerged, but it lacked the "revolutionary fire" which would be necessary to finally usher the country into an appropriate mind set to become a permanent, dynastic oligarchy. Still, every hill billy and bigot had been groomed for an even more violently egregious role, and that crowd amounted to a 30% or 40% portion of the voting population which simply had to be used before it slowly evaporated.

Bill Clinton correctly saw this as a potential vulnerability, and he went for the throat. This plan has already inflicted damage on the GOP so severe that it will still be smoldering a decade from now. For the first time in a century is is neither maudlin nor tastelessly melodramatic to speculate about the actual, physical demise of the GOP.

The mysterious part of this is that the heavily invested, heretofore mighty GOP gang leaders either allowed it to develop or could not stop it from developing.

The mountains of money

A Presidential campaign costs LOTS of money. The 2012 budgets easily topped a billion dollars on each side of the race. Don't fool yourself. This money represents an investment, pure and simple. The people and corporations providing this money are not doing so because their "patriotism" drove them to it.

Right along with the monumental investment is the correspondingly larger pay out, that is, the "return on investment." Right, wrong or indifferent, controlling the White House is worth a LOT of money. The billionaires who finance the Super PACs and the campaigns expect to prosper mightily from these investments. The history of the process annually reaffirms this dismal observation.

When control either part of the Congress might also be delivered by such campaign contributions, the potential "return on investment" is expanded even more. Add in control of the Supreme Court, and the "return on investment" begins to look like a U-Haul full of jack hammers parked in front of the Treasury building.

Whether it should be or not, it IS a high stakes, big business game.

Now, to bring this into perspective, let's consider an allegorical example. 

The New Factory

Investors get together to finance a wonderful new factory. The local state government is "incentivized" to throw in publicly financed infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer utilities, and street lights. Additionally, some very sweet tax loop holes are added to "sweeten the pot."

8,000 buggy whips per hour. [image]
The new company spends hundreds of millions on a fabulous new office building. It is located just a few hundred feet from a fabulous new factory. A railroad company, anticipating a nice profit for shipping the factory's goods to market, contributes the ties and track to build a spur right to the new factory's loading dock. Hundreds of new employees are hired.

But then...nothing happens

A billion dollars has been invested in the sweet new set up, but the factory makes nothing. The trains never call. The executives in the new office building never make any decisions which might help the situation. In fact, there was never even any talk about possible manufactured products or innovative ideas of any sort.

This is a picture of the mutated Presidential race Bill Clinton has foisted upon his old Republican enemies. The Republican billionaires can do whatever they wish, but this is the scorched earth that presently occupies the gruesome wake of the Trump campaign. How did the GOP allow itself to be stranded with such an abomination?

Opportunity is everything

Even the barely aware among the Republican Party base is utterly languishing in the economic pit following the Great Republican Recession of 2008. The situation has been further aggravated by the crippling political obstruction implemented by the Republicans since then. These Republican base voters are in pain. They have been wounded, and they are not in a good state of mind.

The GOP "bought" some time with an intricate web work of villains identified in their media "blame game," but the shine has worn off that trinket now. Bill Clinton correctly anticipated this. He and his wife might effectively ease some of this lingering pain from the Oval Office, but before that, Bill intends to use it against the very people who created it.

It worked.

Party policy is practically nothing

The elevation of Trump to "candidate status" solved several of Hillary's [Bill's] "electability problems" at once. Remember -- both candidates had unfavorability ratings which would have, under more normal conditions, essentially eliminated a chance for a Presidential run. This played Bill's hand as craftily as "a fiddle."

Confronting all the reasons any voter might have for not casting a Clinton ballot -- psychological, conspiratorial, reputational or even a few furtive tastes of Mrs. Clinton's "insinuated policy" here and there --  was the constant, impossibly horrid, self-destructive alternative. 

The Kochs and a few other "big money interests" who have traditionally financed Republican candidates are still obsessed with reaping their profits from ugly developments such as the TPP and the Keystone XL pipeline, but neither of these issues is currently included in the tiny amount of "policy" being discussed by either side's campaign. The mindless Trump competition has also written a permanent "hall pass" for most of the discussion of wealth inequality, climate change, college loan debt or some sort of functional health care.

Frustrated with their dwindling prospects of owning the Oval Office, the billionaires are now moving to direct their wealth at purchasing GOP candidates in State races -- constituting a dangerous "flanking feint" which could extend the crippling paralysis we've seen during the Obama Administration into the Hillary Administration.

The candidate - a con man in his own mind

The script called for a
full automatic.
There is no telling exactly why Donald Trump has been acting out the way he has. If his calamitous demeanor as a candidate has, actually, been filling a character previously defined by Bill Clinton to elect his wife, MeanMesa is the first to conclude that not only is the "script" uncomfortably amateurish, but also that Trump's bumbling, maudlin execution of his role is horribly "over acted."

Still, considering the demographic crowd to which Trump's role must appeal, maybe not. The job of attracting random hill billies and bigots from trailer parks across the fly over states is a "different animal" than impressing more sophisticated types who might be more like theater critics.

A competent con man would know better than to ridicule the handicapped, demand that a crying baby be removed from a press event, attack fire chiefs trying to control crowds to comply with safety regulations, lurch into endless, petulant name calling [i.e. "crooked Hillary"] tease establishment figures in his political party [i.e. Paul Ryan], heckling a "gold star" family and -- whenever finding himself ankle deep in a self-induced political morass -- bravely "doubling down" to wildly and recklessly increase the damage to his campaign.

Relax. This is only going to hurt for a minute, say,
-- until November.
[image - Steve Sack, fB]
Comfort in "Troubled Waters"
Does this mean that the new oligarchy will be under Democratic control?

MeanMesa grudgingly accepts the now essentially inevitable prospect that the United States will be a "fully established" oligarchy within the next two Presidential terms. The billionaires currently own around 85% of everything in the country.

This "descent into the maelstrom" with Donald Trump in power would be violent and potentially fatal for the nation. The alternative is to "descend" with Hillary Clinton [Bill] at the helm. MeanMesa suggests -- perhaps over optimistically -- that the latter course will prove to be far less violent.

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