Wednesday, October 26, 2016

After 2016 - Will the Democrats Welcome the Billionaires?

Preparing for the Next Republican Post Mortem
Not a problem. They can just "freshen up" their last post mortem.

Photographing cadaver in posing stand
post mortem. 
MeanMesa understands that millions of previously confused hill billies and bigots all across the nation have enjoyed what, no doubt, seemed to be a "moment of clarity" during the twisted, self-destructive campaign of The Donald. Of course this wasn't actually any type of traditional "moment of clarity" as we think of it. Instead, this "moment of clarity" for all these frustrated, rally attending hot heads was little more than a welcome "vacation" from the painful, everyday confusion of fundamentally not "fitting in" with any of the more normal processes surrounding him.

In fact, as we observed the faces filling the carnival mood of a Trump rally, we saw little "human elation" -- even months ago when the poll numbers still looked somewhat positive. Rather than elation, we saw the muffled hysteria a narcotic addict expresses after having a dose of his "medicine." These somewhat more animated than usual faces were showing relief from what had previously been  the truly tragic sensation one inevitably encounters when as he finally realizes that he is not really any part of what's going on around him.

While The Donald was available to focus all these confused aspects in his crowd of supporters, all sorts of things which had not previously risen even to the level of groaning, grumbling, late night beer hall chatter suddenly -- at least for them -- seemed not only much clearer, but also, somehow, refreshingly important. Happily, for the dazed Trumpkins, what had been no more than rambling chatter suddenly became much more like a chorus chanting relevant lyrics as it was sung by "kindred spirits" through an eerily gigantic, media microphone.

At the first sign of a developing "ratings opportunity" in the early stages of The Donald's chaotic campaign, the salivating network executives frantically ordered their media minions to throw as much gasoline on the fire as possible. Even though the most ardent Trumpkins seldom strayed far from FOX and Breitbart, the alphabet execs were banking that vast numbers of the previously uninterested might become at least slightly more "interested" in the blather of the industrial networks, thus boosting their ratings.

Well, now the festival seems to be running out of steam. It looks increasingly likely that the Grand Old Party's effort has fallen even farther from the Oval Office this time than in the last two elections. Even the "death grip"of  GOP control of the Congress also seems to be faltering.

There's No Need to be "Generous in Victory."
There weren't any street side memorials for the death of the last polio virus.

All the "rain drops" in this perfect storm will inevitably plot the path to another repeat of the now utterly forgotten Republican "post mortem" study constructed in the ashes of the Romney defeat four years ago. Oh sure, the GOP's "usual suspects" can brush off their tattered ash cloths and hair shirts for another performance of the maudlin, heart felt, mea culpa, but these actors will still be just that: actors.

The real story will be unfolding high in the atmosphere above the painfully scripted, televised Passion Play of the GOP's rapidly approaching, next post mortem. In country clubs all across the Confederacy the GOP's billionaires will be doing their own groaning. The prospects for "hitting it big" with their billionaire Santa's Wish List from their wholly owned Congress have suddenly grown more than a "little frayed."

Millions of the voters who had gradually grown to accept a government paralyzed by well paid obstructionists seem to have awakened from their slumber. However, no matter how hopeful that development might seem at the moment, it's only "awakened." The possibility that the power of the Congress might be redirected to goals favored by the voters remains a mere sliver of a chance -- and one with an unavoidably long term journey ahead.

It's much more likely that this "awakening" will only result in "louder complaining" in the mean time.

Although MeanMesa isn't convinced that the Russians had that much to do with this, MeanMesa is convinced that Bill Clinton is performing the still alive version of "turning over in his grave" while dancing an uncontrollable "happy song."

So, Where Do the Billionaires Go For Their "Favors," Now?
Spend a few days calming yourselves down, then call the Democrats.
You might say "too bad," but remember, billionaires are really, really flexible.
If there's money to be made, they'll...uh...rise to the occasion,
and, it turns out, Democrats are really, really flexible, too.

Just remember, we're not electing Elizabeth Warren. Soon to be President Hillary, on the other hand, has had plenty of experience threading her way through the labyrinth of interests in Wall Street's back alleys.

It would be quite premature to say that billionaire money in politics has become a thing of the past, or that these "plutocratic dollars" are now understood to be carrying some deadly strain of virulent germs.  At the same point, however, it would not be so difficult to say that the influence of billionaires, themselves, becomes toxic -- if not out rightly radioactive -- when they begin to manage "their investments" in Congressional bribery and political campaigns.

Even though Democratic politicians such as Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren may understand this very clearly, President Hillary is still, most likely, tempted to "dance" with the prospect. This was the tune when Bill was President, and the prospect of returning to those halcyon days will almost certainly be front and center in the mind of Mrs. President this time around.

These billionaires have watched the Party -- and the Congress -- they purchased and controlled with their precious dollars "break loose of the reins" and self-destruct. Aggravating their predicament even more, in one the speeches they paid Hillary to deliver, she has already threatened to "unleash the regulators" if they could not find a way to "adequately" regulate themselves.

Where did all the money go? A quick look
at the US economy since Reagan.
[data source]
Although no one has too clear a picture of precisely what Hillary may have meant by "regulation," it almost certainly includes some provision to avoid wrecking the entire planetary economy again. If she wishes to tackle an even bigger problem, she can attempt to "walk back" the consistent redistribution of national wealth which has been flowing into the pockets of the billionaires every year since the Reagan era.

Happily, more or less normal Democratic Party leadership can approach the "walk back" issue at a rate slow enough to avoid the equivalent of an "oligarchs versus everyone else" style civil war. Bill Clinton was remarkably effective at this, and he will, presumably, be sitting in the room next to the Oval Office.

Still, we have to remember the chilling words of Senator Bernie Sanders as he surveyed the wreckage of the Bush W. catastrophe. "Not everyone had a hard time during the George W. Bush Presidency. The top 400 income earners saw their personal wealth increase by $600 Billion dollars." For the mathematically challenged that is 1. 5/8 of a Trillion dollars, and 2. one and one half Billion dollars over eight years to each one if the money were divided evenly.

Sanders' observation illuminates the continuing ambitions of the billionaire class. They invested heavily with their purchase of the Republican Party and their generous indulgence in Republican politics to position themselves to reap this George W. Bush windfall. After ignominiously dumping the wreckage of the GOP, MeanMesa has no doubt whatsoever that these same "oligarch-wanna-be's" will be wrapping themselves -- and their money -- around President Hillary Clinton as soon as she takes a seat in the Oval Office.

The "final solution" as to whom will be controlling Congress becomes even more interesting at this point.

Hillary won't be able to accomplish much "regulating" with a hostile House of Representatives, but , on the other hand, there won't be many "gifts" for these plutocrats if they can't cozy up to Democrats if they wind up in command.

MeanMesa considers the prospect of a "major sea change" to be over optimistic. The curve of the top money class [chart above] will almost certainly continue to rise regardless. The static curve of everyone else, currently bumping along the bottom of the chart, is probably going to fall through the Earth to China.

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