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Quit mocking Trump

The Dangers of a Petulant President
Geopolitical reality getting under the thin skin of a geopolitical reality

When MeanMesa uses the term "geopolitical reality," it includes many aspects of "reality." 

Naturally, it clearly refers to international relations between the US and other nations -- all of them. There are wars underway, here and there, but there are also somewhat "sweeter" sides to the civilized interplay this country conducts with diplomatic partners, international competitors, close friends and those cases where, for some reason, relations are more hostile.

President Trump, seen now to be very visibly suffering from some psychological affliction with origins arising from both the hyper sensitivity of psychotic narcissism and crushingly low self-esteem, is relentlessly gutting the inertia of all these previously rational policies and practises. He has implanted a horde of self-serving racists, opportunists, lobbyists and ideologues in every possible "nook and cranny" of the White House, and he has ruthlessly "cleansed" the entire existing collection of US ambassadorships around the globe.

Believe me.
Of course, such a course is quite dangerous. The political price his action will reap is going to be shockingly wide and deep. As the economy, barely back on its feet following the last Republican looting spree in 2008, falters, it will -- inevitably -- become "war time," once again. With the White House crippled by an infestation of old FOX News anchors filling the roles of actual policy makers, failed and disgraced generals in control of the Departments of Defense AND Homeland Security and campaign donors -- freshly "recycled" from their  fetid hedge fund offices, hate radio studios and rancid think tanks -- sitting in US embassies around the planet, we should be prepared from some amazing diplomatic and military disasters.

George W. Bush is breathing a sigh of relief. He was afraid that he was going to die locked under the moniker of being the "worst President in history."

The Behavior of a "Petulant Oval Office"
We can see the first evidence even before the "Inauguration."

Among all the unsettling Tweets and the frightening collapse of competence in national security issues, we have an opportunity to see this part of the President-elect's tragically debilitating psychosis in action.

Vengeance on the "Crooked" Media
Yes, that would be the same crooked media
that elected him -- for free.

President-elect Donald Trump has Tweeted gaseous, impotent "messages/orders" to the GOP "Congressional committees" to "investigate" NBC News, the media entity which more or less innocently publicized damaging details from the current President's report on Russian Federation intervention in the latest election. Just as is the case with the President-elect's flippant derision of the intelligence community, such an attack on the industrial media is a very reckless gambit for The Donald. NBC will not magically become "controllable" when Trump is Inaugurated or at any time in the foreseeable future afterward. The other corporate media interests are watching -- and learning. The networks will remain an "existential threat" to the Trump Administration for its duration. All of the corporate "alphabet news" entities have the resources to accomplish this, not just once, but in an almost perpetual, gnawing fashion.

For this reason MeanMesa predicts that America's televisions will become a "knife stuck in Donald Trump's neck." The insertion and twisting of this "knife" will not be particularly lackadaisical. Both the intelligence industry and the "news" industry have "long memories" and very little "good natured forbearance" which might somehow limit their reaction to Presidential threats.

From Way Up Here Political Opponents are "Enemies" and
"Little People" either don't actually exist or don't really matter.

The stifling limits to understanding almost inevitably caused by the plutocratic "private education" which formed Trump during his adolescence is only now emerging in the President-elect's comportment. Granted, the campaign "con" was sufficient to line up a hefty collection of "lost souls" who had previously been considered "too rustic" for a warm welcome in GOP circles. For the feeble minded, conveniently distracted and heavily conflicted "news analysts" appraising this arcane style of "hit or miss populism" [their term -- not Meanmesa's] for their network audiences, there was an unsteady, intermittent, very faintly hopeful hint that a Trump Presidency would embrace working class priorities.

After all, the Democrats had left the "position" wide open.

Already being a multi-millionaire the second Trump cleared his mother's uterus, he has serious difficulty relating to "little people" and other "nobodies" -- not to mention women who fail to be "tens." This is the case with such folks in the US, but it extends to citizens inhabiting the rest of the planet, also.

His tragic lack of understanding the life conditions and priorities of people in foreign countries is not entirely a fault of his education, but, more likely, the predictable result of a lack of common curiosity -- a common symptom of extreme cases of narcissism. This lack of "depth" has also left Trump with the basic psychology of "extreme exclusivity." He thinks that billionaires and high government officials are the only foreigners requiring his "executive touch" in relations with other countries.

History has seen this before. In the European wars of Dark Ages Christianity,the kings and nobility considered the common people in their realms to be utterly expendable and "doomed by their station" to be unquestioning recipients of complete neglect.

Trump's High Maintenance Friendship With the Russian Federation:
Over Estimating the Tenderness of a Suspiciously Fast, Eager Friendship and the Heartfelt Affection of the Truly Needy

So far as effective "dirty tricks" are concerned, The Donald has benefited much more from his Kremlin Connection than he has from all the amateur "dirty tricksters" inhabiting his US clown car entourage. To the point, Trump has already begun his involuntary weekly payments of "political capital" for his awkward, self-destructive petulance and the resulting, unavoidable embarrassment of having included such heavily soiled political creatures such as Chris Christie, Mike Pence, Jeffery Beauregard Sessions and Breitbart, plastic, "hate radio" denizens, Flint and Stephen Bannon in his Oval Office, 1950's "rat pack."

The chortling, corpse like, Rudy Guliani on FOX "spilling the beans" on Trump's shady political maneuvering with the New York FBI revealed a political machine as dysfunctional as its dysfunctional boss. Alarmingly, not even such a "screaming faux pax" seems to penetrate the gaseous arrogance currently inebriating the boisterous Trumpkins. Although irritating at the moment, MeanMesa expects this inauthentic ebullience to be painfully short lived for them.

A primary component of this temporary bliss derives from the promise of additional propaganda assistance from the Russians. During the campaign the GRU's semi-professional, yet obviously meat handed propaganda campaign's penetration exclusively targeted the low education, low information voters who swayed the election to Trump's favor. While this offered great utility prior to November, its effectiveness as a propaganda defense for the already faltering "Trump Administration" is, essentially, nil.

Thanks to such factors as the Obama sanctions for the Crimean annexation and US energy policies which truncated global oil prices, the Russian Federation finds itself in desperate straits. Intervening in the US election was an act of desperation if not out right panic. Had Clinton been seated in the Oval Office -- a quite reasonable speculation following her substantial majority in the November election -- the Russian Federation's extreme vulnerability would have materialized into a truly obnoxious cloud for the oligarchs surrounding the embattled Russian President.

The Russian Federation -- and, of course, Vladimir Putin -- made a "high stakes bet" by engaging in this wild political gambit to elect Trump. Of course they must be repaid, but more importantly, they have now fired their single bullet. There are no more Russian bullets in the quiver to assist President Trump during the inevitable collapse of his direly conflicted Presidency.

The Insurmountable Awkwardness of Being "Responsive"
to Supporters Still Uncertain About Why They Were Supporters

Trump supporters. Unbridled, patriotic enthusiasm. [image - BBC]
We have just witnessed the national election version of "revenge sex." Still, occupying a political office has traditionally included doing at least something for the voters who delivered one's support in the election.

With the Trump ascension this becomes awkward. All those "deplorables" who marched blindly to the polls in November are a little "different" from electoral demographics we have seen in the past.

They clearly want something, but neither MeanMesa nor Donald Trump is comfortably convinced that either of us know exactly what. Normally, there would be some sort of policy "promise" that emerged during the campaign. Unhappily, aside from building an over priced, ridiculously ineffective wall on the Southern border and sending Muslim immigrants back to where they came from, the Trump "prize bucket" remains embarrassingly empty of the cheap plastic policy trinkets --  "free bling" -- which might have, otherwise, been hauled back to the trailer park and inserted into mom's hope chest.

Trump supporters, effectively isolated from any "news" about actual conditions in the country, embraced the candidate with clouds of frighteningly undefined complaints -- most of which were carefully engineered for their consumption by the GRU. At this point all that is already history.

The important point now is, how can Trump -- as President -- "respond" to the chaotic cacophony of racism and terror among these folks who elected him? His electoral supporters won't have any idea whether or not he's "keeping campaign promises" -- especially not if such promises were in any way complicated.

Trump voters will continue to cheer no matter what outcome is incompetently delivered to them.

Why the Choice of the Term, "Mocked,"
By Trump's Press Secretary Is Important

Words matter. This particular word reveals Trump's "sensation"
 of being widely criticized by Americans after his "election."

Trump’s Press Secretary Begs The American People To Stop Mocking Donald Trump

By Jason Easley on Sun, Jan 1st, 2017
[Visit the original article here/PoliticusUSA]

Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer went on national television to complain that the American people are mocking Donald Trump and called on every American to support the president-elect instead of mocking him.

Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer went on national television to complain that the American people are mocking Donald Trump and called on every American to support the president-elect instead of mocking him.
Spicer was talking about Trump trying to take credit for jobs that were already announced when he claimed that the American people are mocking and undermining the president-elect.
So the idea is everyone wants to talk about the tweets he sent. But I would actually focus on the action he’s getting. Donald Trump is not president yet and he’s getting action, successes and wins, both abroad and here at home.
Everything he does right now, he gets — he speaks for the head of Sprint, gets 5,000 jobs moved from abroad. And everyone starts to mock him. Oh, those jobs were already announced. They weren’t. The sales jobs have been a previous announce. These jobs were coming from abroad to America.
And instead of trying to mock him or undermine him, it’s time that people started to give him credit for actually getting things done.
Trump is mocked because he isn’t getting anything done. The president-elect is taking credit for things that already happened, or the accomplishments of others. For example, Trump took credit for the good economic numbers in November despite the fact that the growing economy has nothing to do with him because he is not yet the president. Trump took credit for the horrible Carrier deal that Mike Pence negotiated, and Trump is trying to pass off the Sprint job announcement, which he had nothing to do with, as an accomplishment.”
President-elect Donald Trump’s Press Secretary was practically begging America to stop making fun of the incoming president. Trump isn’t going to find much popular support for his presidency because the majority of voters did not support him.
If Trump continues to act like a narcissistic and petty reality television star instead of a president, he is going to mocked.
One can only imagine the howls of laughter from Republicans if Obama’s press secretary would have gone on national television and complained about the American people making fun of him.
Trump isn’t even in office yet, but his team is demanding credit for things that they have not done, which is exactly why the American people will continue to mock the president-elect.

Words Matter
"Mocking" the President,
and "Winning" a Nomination Hearing
Even intentionally obscured psychology emerges in word choices.

First, the term, "mocking," corresponded to a very serious matter in Dark Ages Europe. The established nobility of the time was curiously sensitive to such utterances when they arose from the Plebeian class of "lesser folks." When "mocking" arose from the noble class, it often resulted in two of these head strong noblemen engaging in an overly dramatic, yet no less lethal, "duel" to protect the "honor" of the aggrieved.

A review of the history of the time reveals that these European noblemen had what is more modernly called a "zero tolerance" for serfs even briefly questioning what was considered to be the "Divine Right of Kings," that is, "mocking their betters." The policy worked well for a number of centuries until these same hungry peasants pulled out the guillotines and began to "get even."

Think of it as a social-cultural "correction." Also, remember that Donald Trump was already a multi-millionaire by the time his mother's pediatrician delivered the first, gentle swat to his bloody infant behind in a high class, private delivery room.

Donald Trump has been either a millionaire or a passably good con man every minute since then.

Secondly, Presidential cabinet appoints are approved by the Senate. Cabinet appointees don't "win" Senate approval. It is -- usually -- not some sort of arcane "contest" to be characterized as a "battle of will."

Unfortunately, The Donald sees this important process in precisely this light.

Fasten your seat belts. We're in for one hell of a ride.

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