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"Trouble Ahead" - Trump and the GOP Senate

Fracturing the "Nothing Can Stop Him Now" Nightmare
Since he doesn't understand how "being President" works,
we can assume that he doesn't understand how "dealing with the Senate" works, either.

In these dark moments when we've allowed our worst expectations to gain an unwarranted inevitability, we've imagined that the machinations of the Trump Administration will be effortlessly herding one legislative nightmare after another through a vengeful, gloating clutch of obediently greedy Senate plutocrats. Although the reactionaries are now firmly in control of ALL branches of the government, things may not be "singing" along in an ebullient chorus of victory, plunder and prizes for the salivating Trumpkins.

Normally, one would anticipate that the Republican controlled Senate would assume the historical tradition of its mindless, unanimous lockstep. This is hardly an exaggeration. We've watched this for years now. Still, when there is no essentially other possibility of hope -- as is the case now -- our gloom may have obscured a faint glimmer of unexpected optimism lurking patiently in the Senate chamber's cloak room.

Now, immediately dispatch any furtive expectation that the Senate Republicans are going to somehow act in the interests of the country or the old democracy. They haven't done anything similar to this for decades. But -- MeanMesa sees a faint possibility that, while continuing to consistently embrace their absolute highest priority of further enriching themselves and their billionaire handlers, these old, white GOP Senators may possibly have an even less legitimate interest scurrying around in their dark dreams -- revenge.

"Legitimate?" Don't forget the now antiquated theory that the Senate "serves" the interest of the common people of the country, and that doesn't mean "serves them up as meaningless pork chops on a plate of deregulated, Senatorial, get rich quick schemes."

We can be quite certain that, should the Senate Republicans deny Trump any of his "election bling," they won't be doing it because of their love of democracy. Republican Senators do, in fact, "love $omething," but it's not democracy.

 Possible "Bad Weather" Ahead In Trump's GOP Senate
"Bad weather?" Let's just say "Bad Feelings" -- plenty of them.
An inexperienced, under informed, naive President
 and the geriatric Senate's GOP, anti-democracy, expert "meat grinders"
They won't even need their proverbial "long knives" for this one.

The Senate of the 115th Congress [the current one] is 54-R to 44-D with 2 Independents who caucus with the Democrats. That leaves the "operational tally" at 52-R vs 48-D.

Unimaginably, we are now looking to 3 Republicans to stand up for the democracy -- of course, following some weird, inexplicable Republican motives for such a move. Realistically setting the possibility of any actual, unseen Republican patriotism aside, our hopes now reside squarely with the prospect of "Republican political revenge" -- entombed somewhere in the mix with the now suddenly checkered prospect of having to compete with the White House Trumpkins over the traditionally successful Senatorial looting operations -- presenting "priorities" which might sway what, otherwise, appears inevitable.

Let's take a look at a few examples of some of the possible Senate "storm clouds" quietly drifting toward the Oval Office and the new President's legislation.

Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah
Trump, Senator Orrin Hatch and the Mormons

Mormons have the cultural scars, bruises and grave stones of "PR problems" from a century ago. Not only are the rank and file LDS sensitive to such matters, it is very good politics to also be sensitive, yourself, if your constituency happens to be in Utah. Orrin Hatch doesn't like criticism of Mormons. He really didn't like Trump's "Mad Hatter" humiliation of Mitt Romney. Regardless of Orrin's personal sentiments, the politics of "stump the Trump" will play well at home. Utah, in general, is already less than ecstatic with The Donald's "pussy grabbing" even if they were somewhat less upset with his string of multiple wives and simultaneous, extra-marital "sweet hearts."

Senator Marco Rubio, R-Florida
Trump, "Little Marco," the Cubans and the GOP's "Young Guns"

Marco Rubio was heavily bruised during the GOP Primary debates. He had already established his own political comic meme with the frantic water guzzling while "rebutting" an Obama State of the Union speech.  Trump chewed up Rubio alive with a string of insults which continued in standard "Trump style" -- always met with histrionic doggerel screams during his rallies -- even long after the Primary had ended [leaving Rubio embarrassingly conflicted with his Senatorial future] and The Donald had plunged deeply into his strange, surreal Presidential campaign.

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas
Trump, "Lyin' Ted" and the "nearly out of breath" Texas Evangelicals

The reason that Ted's evangelicals are "nearly out of breath" is because they had been forcibly "pigeon holed" into approving Trump's decidedly "non-evangelical," wildly public, profligate behavior. If you are familiar with "the biblicals," the real problem is that the "other guy" is black.Ted Cruz grudgingly "made up" with the tyrant in a depressing bid to be chosen for the cabinet but received his own "Romney style" humiliation instead. Trump's crazy allegation that Cruz's hyper-pious father had helped assassinate JFK struck an impressive resonance with the hillbillies in the raucous crowds at the Trump-fests, but left just about everyone else staggering toward the nearest vomitorium. [Trump Accuses Cruz Father/POLITICO]

Senator John McCain, R-Arizona
Trump, Senator John McCain and the angry war mongers

The Donald began his pointed irritation of the geriatric war monger by "firing a shot across the bow" with his weird crack about McCain's POW experience. [Trump Slams McCain for being captured/WashPOST]  This "love affair" has plunged into deeper water since then. McCain became even more upset when Trump lurched after McCain's "buddy," Senator Lindsey Graham.

Senator Lindsey Graham,
R-South Carolina
Trump, and "lost boy," Senator Lindsey Graham
 -- "looking for love -- practically everywhere"

Lindsey Graham may not have garnered many votes in primary campaign support, but he still has a Senate vote and even something of a strange loyalty from his own voting block "caucus" comprised of other Confederate state, Senatorial throw backs. Trump easily absconded with Lindsey's historical segregationist base of Southern racists with an endless string of "white supremacist" innuendos in his campaign speeches which most erstwhile "Lindsey backers" found almost as delightful as either bad religion or bad narcotics.

"You ain't washin' this one off!"
The Republican Establishment -- "Hey, brokers, lobbyists and hedge fund billionaires have feelings, too."

The damage already inflicted by the Trump "experiment" has inflicted fundamental damage to the Republican brand. Worse, this kind of damage is almost certainly politically permanent. The US has experienced two un-elected Republican Presidents in this Century. The first one was horrendous. This one appears quite ready to re-brand that last nightmare into the imaginary dust of "the good old days."

Choices: another Republican depression,
 WWIII or both? That question is too
complicated for the hillbillies.
The American Electorate is Terrified

Now that the Inauguration is complete, an actual majority of Americans -- including the 55% who didn't bother to vote -- are officially frightened. For the past couple of months those with a "more whimsical - less realistic" comprehension of matters were desperately seeking "someone" who could "fix" this. We're on the train. We're going where the tracks go. There isn't anyone left in power except Republicans. Take it from there.

There are plenty of "ego bruised" Republicans beyond this short list of examples. Happily, many of them are seated in the Republican controlled Senate.

During a more typical Republican Primary candidates would have been recruited from the various Red State Governors, but this nomination process found a depressing majority of Red States as "Federal hand out parasites" and the corresponding "Red State Governors" as petulant, ill advised, incompetent ideologues. As a result those FOX News "debates" were packed with Republican Senators -- literally an indigestible poison pill for the Party's hordes of beer soaked racists terribly upset after being bushwhacked by Washington "insiders."

Worse, the GOP Governors couldn't politically maneuver well at all while dragging their instate collection of "fetchy" oil billionaires around behind them -- so the Koch Brothers  and Goldman-Sachs won. What the GOP Senate seems to be doing day by day as of this posting may look relatively innocuous, but every action -- on practically anything -- is now the result of "orders coming down" from the big boys on the far end of the campaign checks.

The rowdy GOP House caucus is chuck full of amateur looters, but the GOP Senate is, on the other hand, chuck full of surgically professional GOP looters. The extremely well fed, Republican banksters and hedgies who currently own these Senators, while probably appreciating the exciting business opportunities of becoming utterly unregulated, are far less enthusiastic as they watch huge tranches of the "peoples' money" sliding out of their grip and into the hands of Trump's lobbyists, billionaires and other Goldman-Sachs "swamp dwellers."

Trump has never been famous for sharing.

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