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Will the Inauguration Become Trump's "Beer Hall Putsch?"

"Anything Goes Because I'm a Billionaire"
The flamboyance turns dark -- very dark.

After watching Trump's "politics" for several months, one rather strange observation is grown from being a mere "curiosity" to become an unsettling reality. That observation?

Absolutely nothing Donald Trump has said, promised or done seems to have upset any significant section of his political supporters. 

[There may be a welcome exception to this general observation. The imposition of Republican "pillage and plunder" mayhem with respect to obliterating the health insurance of millions of these same supporters might be "the breaking point," marking where the "spell" is to be lifted, shocking the sufferers back into reality.]

Perhaps the most striking example of this "devil may care" flippancy is seen in the reaction -- or non-reaction -- of the Christian evangelical dead enders in the Party's maniacal right. The video with Billie Bush [Ironically, in the sense of the inevitability of karma, the blood cousin of W. himself...] was not the product of devious, Democratic Partisan "opposition research." It flew out, entirely voluntarily, straight from the self-elevating, narcissistic mouth of the candidate.

However, to these mindless Trumpkins none of these revelations about the candidate perturbed his meteoric ascension. MeanMesa wants to explicitly point out this phenomenon before we get to the deliciously tasty "conspiracy" part of this post.

The Christian Evangelical Trumpkins
 Dump Their Religion
 in Inebriated "Revenge Voting"
Nothing matters except "getting even" ... with something.

"Grabbing them by the Pussy" had no impact whatsoever on the biblical lunatics supporting the man from the usually semi-crazy, evangelical right. The current "whispers" that Trump indulged himself in a "golden shower" with a troop of flashy Moscow hookers is now eliciting the same, banal response.

Although this post concerns primarily Trumps extremely suspicious "preparations" for the "Inauguration" festivities in Washington, DC, the shockingly passive evangelical "anything goes" response to his growing "parade of peccadilloes" demonstrates an important feature of the over all, political process at play.

This is important for this post because it suggests that Donald Trump expects the same, passive response to any "trouble" he might encounter in DC on his big day. If his supporters hold him to such a low bar with respect to his dalliances with Russian hookers, perhaps he hopes that they will, similarly, have little to say about what he might be planning to pull in the nation's capitol. 

The following quoted material comes from an article in The Atlantic.

The Evangelical Reckoning Over Donald Trump

White, conservative Christians voted for the Republican candidate by a huge margin, but this election revealed deep fractures among leaders and churches—especially along racial lines.

Emma Green, November 10, 2016

[Only three excerpts of the original article are presented here. Read the entire -- excellent -- article here The Atlantic]

The moral high ground of a unified “evangelical voice” have shifted, too. This election was not a race to the top on matters of personal integrity; as Al Mohler, the vocally anti-Trump president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said during the campaign, if he were to support Trump, he would have to apologize to Bill Clinton, who he called out for sexual immorality in the ’90s.

“You’ve now hitched your wagon to the GOP and Mr. Trump in ways that just ruin moral credibility in the country,” said Thabiti Anyabwile, a theologically conservative Baptist pastor in D.C. “I don’t know how you recover from that.”

Some evangelical leaders who supported Trump dismissed the allegations of misogyny as a distraction. “To suggest that people who are voting for Trump are ratifying the worst of his behavior is simply not logical,” said Eric Metaxas, a radio-show host who has been a vocal supporter of Trump. “If people want to bludgeon you with, ‘Beth Moore said this and this,’ there’s no reaction except to say that anyone who has suffered [sexual abuse]—that’s one of the most serious things there is.”

On this and other issues, nearly everyone I spoke with emphasized a need for healing. As Newbell put it: “My heart is to care for the women have have been abused.” Metaxas said he got an email from a friend disavowing their relationship because he had supported Trump’s rise. “Fundamentally, as a Christian, we have to know that there is pain on the other side, and if I claim to be a Christian, I have to care about the pain on the other side,” Metaxas said.

The evangelical leaders who supported Trump during the election do not see the future in such dire terms. “I suspect that in time they will see he is not the person they feared,” said Metaxas. “Because if he were that person, I myself would be the first to say, ‘I made a mistake. I made a terrible mistake.’ I have been hopeful that he would be fundamentally decent, and that most Americans would see that.”

Others say that Trump is a new man, that everything he’s said on the campaign trail—about women, Mexicans, Muslims, the “inner city,” and more—does not reflect who he truly is. “I’ve seen a lot of change in him in the last year or two. He’s a different man,” said Falwell Jr. “I believe everybody is redeemable, and I think Donald Trump has been positively influenced by the American public that he’s interacted with over the past year.”

After months and months of pushing back against Trump, Moore said he hopes he’s proven wrong about the president-elect. “My prayer is that Jerry Falwell Jr.’s view of Donald Trump turns out to be the right view,” he said. “My prayer is that four years from now, my attitude is to say that Jerry Falwell Jr. knew depths of this leader’s spirituality and character that I didn’t know.”

He’ll also be praying for Trump, he said, just like the Bible commands.

The Trump "Inauguration:"
A Washington DC "Beer Hall Putsch?"
MeanMesa issues a travel warning.
This could be dangerous -- and deadly.

What, exactly, was the infamous "beer hall putsch?
[Excerpted. Read the entire article  here Beer Hall Putsch/WIKI]

The Beer Hall Putsch [image_WIKI]
The attempted putsch was inspired by Benito Mussolini's successful March on Rome, from 22 to 29 October 1922. Hitler and his associates planned to use Munich as a base for a march against Germany's Weimar Republic government. But the circumstances were different from those in Italy. Hitler came to the realization that Kahr sought to control him and was not ready to act against the government in Berlin. Hitler wanted to seize a critical moment for successful popular agitation and support. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Hitler, along with a large detachment of SA, marched on the Bürgerbräukeller, where Kahr was making a speech in front of 3,000 people.

In the cold, dark evening, 603 SA surrounded the beer hall and a machine gun was set up in the auditorium. Hitler, surrounded by his associates Hermann Göring, Alfred Rosenberg, Rudolf Hess, Ernst Hanfstaengl, Ulrich Graf, Johann Aigner, Adolf Lenk, Max Amann, Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter, Wilhelm Adam, and others (some 20 in all), advanced through the crowded auditorium. Unable to be heard above the crowd, Hitler fired a shot into the ceiling and jumped on a chair yelling: "The national revolution has broken out! The hall is filled with six hundred men. Nobody is allowed to leave." He went on to state the Bavarian government was deposed and declared the formation of a new government with Ludendorff.

Hitler, accompanied by Hess, Lenk and Graf, ordered the triumvirate of Kahr, Seisser, and Lossow into an adjoining room at gunpoint and demanded they support the putsch. Hitler had promised Lossow a few days earlier that he would not attempt a coup, but now thought that he would get an immediate response of affirmation from them, imploring Kahr to accept the position of Regent of Bavaria. Kahr replied that he could not be expected to collaborate, especially as he had been taken out of the auditorium under heavy guard.

MeanMesa's Strange Fear
[Yes, this is OFFICIALLY a conspiracy theory. Watch out.]

There are, presently, a collection of "coincidences" which have managed to set these old bones on fire. Let's have a look -- in each case MeanMesa will provide a link for additional reading and information.

1. The Trump Transition Team has replaced the previous General officer in command of the Washington DC National Guard with a Trump "appointment." This is to occur at the moment Donald Trump has been Inaugurated.

2. The electrical power to the Senate Hearing on the Trump CIA Director Pick is mysteriously cut when a Democratic Senator asks a question about Russia.

"10:41 a.m.

Electricity is out in two Senate office buildings, interrupting a hearing for President elect-Donald Trump's nominee to be CIA director.

A spokesman for the Architect of the Capitol says power is out in most of the Hart Senate Office Building and in some of the adjacent Dirksen building. Crews are working to restore power.

The confirmation hearing for congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas is being moved to a new room."

3. When House Member, Diane Waters [D-CA], asked about gutting the Securities and Exchange Commission, the CSPAN feed from the House Chamber switched to advertisements being broadcast on RT. [RT is the propaganda channel of the Russian Federation government. RT stands for "Russia Today."]

4. A Firestorm of Protests Will Take Place at Donald Trump's Inauguration

5.  Inauguration security focusing on truck terror attack threat, Homeland Security says


6. The FBI has thoroughly demonstrated that it is no longer trustworthy. The 2016  Trump campaign relentlessly incited Republican supporters that nothing was trustworthy -- the media, the agreement made with Iran, NATO, the sitting President and so on.

Normally, confronting this present conundrum, Americans would be looking to the FBI to investigate the domestic side of affairs and inform them of its findings. None of this is going on currently.

7. Absolutely no one in the US government can stop Trump from doing whatever he wants. This proposition can easily expand to include a "Beer hall putsch" on Inauguration day.

The Trump Inauguration
Washington, DC, Under "Emergency" Martial Law
Across the nation the Trumpkins are "lovin' it."

Let's have a quiet moment to reflect on the bizarre confluence of factors approaching us on Inauguration day. We already know that Washington will be filled with protesters -- probably more protesters than citizens gathered to celebrate Trump's dubious ascent to power. Naturally, with all this emotion on hand, we can expect things to get "juicy."

[Tickets to the Inauguration are slowly evaporating in the pockets of ambitious scalpers. Nobody wants them. Everyone who wants one, has it. 2017/1/16/1621063/A-desperate-Donald-Trump-records-a-message-on-Facebook-offering-free-Inauguration-tickets/DailyKOS]

We have also seen how quickly protesters get under The Donald's remarkably thin skin. His tantrums and tirades during his campaign rallies -- to the effervescent, brutal excitement of his supporters present -- fully revealed Trump's out-of-control, vile response to any "voice" not obediently consistent with his latest meme.

But those instances involved only a handful of people showing up to express their dissent. Inauguration day protests are estimated to be massive. Further, the "stakes" have patiently grown very much higher. Most of the reckless types who attended his campaign rallies had at least a fleeting impulse to remain somewhat civil. MeanMesa predicts that the crowds at the Inauguration may well be somewhat more...uh...restive.

Donald Trump's "problem" will be entirely centered on "how this looks." 

His Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, has already expressed how "troubling" the President-elect finds what he considers to be "mocking" in the comments of the press and his political opponents. In fact, Trump publicly refers to these "political opponents" as "enemies."

The "coincidences" listed above have offered hard evidence that the Trump Administration -- with the assistance of its deeply involved friends in the Kremlin -- can cut the power to prevent the normal broadcast of Senate hearings and, even more egregiously, insert RT feed to CSPAN's normal broadcast of House of Representatives hearings. It is also noteworthy that these "coincidental interruptions" occurred at the precise moment the hearings were moving to focus on the SEC and Russian intervention in the election.

These incidents were a sign. Trump wanted to make certain that everyone in the Congress understood that "the rules have changed." There are certain topics which can no longer be broadcast to the American people.

With respect to the imposition of martial law, Trump has plenty of supporters who will scream with orgiastic delight if he "locks down" the nation's capital. If there exists any particular reason who these voters cast ballots for him, this may be as close as we get to understanding what that might be. Although the more stable elements of the Republican Party will be frantically gasping for air as they watch the GOP's already heavily soiled brand hit to land fill, the elected members of the House and Senate -- from both parties -- will be receiving a very clear, intimidating message.

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