Friday, July 14, 2017

Rachel Finally Wounds the Mighty FOX

A Brief Glimpse of New Trends in American Media:
FOX Is Wounded.
It's finally about time.

The prime time blowhards at FOX Broadcasting have spent the past few years wallowing in an irritating ebullience -- perhaps better described as an "irritating inebriation" -- while basking in the constantly darkening lamps of the reactionary network. All the while high FOX audience ratings rolled into Murdoch's executive offices daily, very dependably, further "stoking the flames" of the Hannity/Limbaugh/O'Reilly style ideological, show biz arrogance without interruption.

A very large part of Murdoch's "business success" was his corporate ability to purchase and dominatecontributions" from the wacky billionaire right kept the thing above water until it could develop a sufficiently reactionary audience to sustain it.
MSNBC's Dr. Rachel Maddow
hundreds of domestic media outlets. FOX was nowhere close to profitable during its earliest years, but huge amounts of out right "

By five years ago FOX "news stars" were the voices of hundred of hours of broadcast time every week. Limbaugh's hateful daily show was being broadcast and re-broadcast in some localities in the morning, early afternoon and evening. This saturation was made possible by the almost unlimited corporate war chest. Predictably, when the same rancid broadcast was all that was available in such markets, the audience ratings sky rocketed -- and stayed there.

For years it seemed that no power on Earth could "break the spell" of the FOX-billionaire juggernaut.

Then, THIS happened.

MSNBC beats Fox News and CNN

in ratings for the first time
[Excerpted. Read the entire article here:

MSNBC averaged about 611,000; CNN drew 589,000 and Fox News trailed with 497,000 — as Fox historically draws much older viewers who are considered less desirable to Madison Avenue executives.

The industry is rife with theories as to why this is happening now.

Some believe that Fox News and President Trump friendly surrogates like Hannity are doing a poor job covering the near daily scandals erupting around the Trump White House.

Others believe the discord and scandal that has rocked Fox News’ primetime lineup, especially the loss of Bill O’Reilly, who went down in a sexual harassment scandal, has severely weakened the once dominant channel.

Although this article was posted in the NY Daily News entertainment section, the impact of this development will probably enjoy a prominent place in the History of the United States through the 21st Century. FOX had been doing everything possible to undercut the American democracy, and FOX broadcast content had been entirely directed at "grooming" an electoral demographic into a state which, ultimately, began to deliver quite un-American election results.

We see Murdoch's "empire of deceit and persuasion" faltering -- big time -- with the news that Maddow and MSNBC have now topped FOX's ratings. MeanMesa is not at all convinced that the FOX front line actors precipitated this with their misogyny scandals. The audience currently driving the network ratings may have simply outgrown Murdoch's incendiary adolescence. A year ago Trump was FOX's most exciting, future "business asset." However, as viewers have had a chance to take a closer look at Trump, maybe they've also taken a closer look at FOX.

More than a few of them are currently manifesting the red faced embarrassment which accompanies buyer's remorse.

Breaking the FOX Spell
Gee whiz. This certainly seems to be moving quickly!
Who'd have thought -- after all these years?

How to frighten FOX viewers. [image]
There has been a major demographic of "default media consumers" which has been powering Murdoch's hate filled FOX News forward for the last few decades. By "default" MeanMesa is referring to the comatose, geriatric audience which found their automatic outrage to the network's endless incendiaries somehow gratifying enough to "slip" into the opinion that the drivel was, in fact, worth something.

Throughout these tedious decades Murdoch's propaganda machine brazenly promoted the election of every candidate with an "R" behind his name. The "other residents" of the American air waves languished under what appeared to be an unstoppable wave of top ratings for FOX.

MSNBC, originally "created" to compete with the Murdoch's rancid broadcast giant, was immediately beset with "growing pains." These got worse instead of better as things progressed -- until radio talk show host, Rachel Maddow [Yes, that would be DR. Rachel Maddow. She holds a PhD in political science from Oxford University.] came on board.

MSNBC has had more "growing pains" since then, but Maddow has set the theme for the network's progressive reporting.

Meetings of the "PhD Club" at FOX doesn't require many chairs.

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