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Why "30" Has Become the "Magic Number"

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Just A Little "Background" About the "Reasons" The Number "30" Is Now
 "Front and Center"
Why is it any different from "31" or "29?"
Boehner, Cantor and Ryan 
may not have known,
but Mitch McConnell does.

House and Senate Republicans, still embarrassingly inebriated by the narcotic odor wafting away from the prospect of Trump converting all Medicaid health care costs into tax cuts for the Party's billionaire Owners, remain curiously "uninterested" in their Constitutional task of initiating impeachment -- no matter how compelling the growing list of "causes" [Articles of Impeachment] may become.

This becomes painfully understandable after we finally acknowledge that these GOP "patriots" are loathe to Constitutionally eliminate such a "potential money maker" as The Donald.

Is this "attitude" the reason that Ayn fled Russia?
It certainly seems sensible enough.
House and Senate GOP members have long accepted the idea that fully self-delusional bouts of Congressional denial can be somewhat comforting -- for a while, but these "pretend vacations" have their limits. 

The Owners of the Republican Party arrived at Trump's "Inauguration" with a robust wish list which identified the parts of the US economy they "wanted for Christmas." [Big Daddy has now proven that you need not win an election to get "Inaugurated." A few eager Russians and a hand full of Citizen United checkbooks can "straighten out" any "mistakes" which might have been made at the polls by voters.

Photo taken when Trump could still safely turn his back
 on House Republicans. Naturally, things got even worse
the more he "worked" at it.
[image- PBS]
This same gang of "fun loving, GOP billionaires" are, now, growing increasingly impatient with the size and quality of the "prizes and presents" GOP politicians have been able to "place under their tree."

Alarmingly, more than a few of them have threatened to cut off the traditionally "endless flow" of "campaign contributions" which has served to sustain the Republican political machine through all those years of losing one election after another.

Still, the idea that a "cornered dog will bite" is hardly a new one.

Approval Rating

MeanMesa Is Convinced 
That the "Biting" Will Begin At "30"

While Congressional [Remember...MeanMesa refers to Senators as a part of the Congress...] Republicans have had a chaotic "heyday" with Trump's frantic, moment-to-moment, media distractions, there remains a "back story" to their legislative "scorched earth" play. That "back story?

There is an election looming in a matter of months.

Although this is usually not particularly a political nightmare, this upcoming mid-term may present an historic exception for the GOP caucus. Even though the elected Republicans currently infesting Washington's halls of power remain giddy through the minute by minute mayhem, this mid-term problem is "growing feet" -- and, "growing claws."

Establishment Republicans are sorely dissatisfied as they peruse their empty looting chests which were supposed to be full of tax cuts from the gutted health care by this time. On the other hand the Bannon-Breitbart-Foxites -- even though they were theoretically expecting nothing beyond an infuriating destruction of the Democratic Party -- are also sorely dissatisfied after watching their "troops" stumbling around aimlessly with this "vengeance" mandate.

This growing dissatisfaction in trailer parks and American Legion beer halls all across Trump's "fly over" states is patiently trashing Trump's already rather feeble Presidential approval ratings. Trump's base is comprised, essentially, by billionaires, hill billies and bigots. The threat facing Republicans at the mid-term arises from the fact that, although the several dozens of billionaires are a bit upset, the hill billies and bigots are starting to figure out in no uncertain terms that they've been conned.

When Trump's already dismal approval rating -- 33% to 38% -- continues its inevitable descent to finally penetrate the 30% approval thresh hold, his own Republican Party "supporters" will be stomping over each other on the way to the life boats in a frenzied dash to survive the mid-term.

At this point the prospects for a credible "return on investment" for continuing with Trump [or, probably, with Pence, either...] will be over whelmed by the terror of an approaching political disaster for elected Republicans at the mid-term.

If anyone thinks this prognosis amounts to nothing more than a fevered dream of an overly optimistic Pollyanna, don't forget that Bannon has now pledged to primary every Republican facing the voters in the mid-term -- except for the wildly popular Ted Cruz, of course.

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