Sunday, November 5, 2017

Trump - Asia - Putting Fake News On the Road

Are  Chairman Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Shinzō Abe Glued to Trump's Twitter?
Are these two really ready to believe anything Trump says?

In more normal times these foreign heads of state would be meticulously "gleaning" through the President's every word as they diligently attempted to ferret out every possible nuance, but that would be in "more normal times." This time around for this foreign excursion the President will be dragging plenty of baggage.

Anyone expecting these foreign heads of state to be "unaware" of Trump's embarrassingly castrated political catastrophe would need to be either an optimistically naive Pollyanna without an Internet connection or an alarmingly, typically un-formed Trump supporter. The Trump base is, at this moment, frantically attempting to "breathe some sort of credibility" into the relentless right wing media efforts to pack the "Uranium One" story or the "sold out DNC" story down their throats.

Even when served with lots of candles and a thick coat of white sugar frosting, these stories still remain both uninteresting and unappetizing to any American not infected with a "total Hillary" nutritional obsession. Dangerously, while this scheme has produced some results to date, its days of "digestible relevance" are clearly numbered.

What could possibly go wrong? [image]
So, we find Donald Trump, a very visibly crippled US President, face to face with "actual" heads of state who are ruthlessly aware of the fact that his days in the Oval Office are, as mathematicians might describe, very likely "double digit integers." On the other side of the table in China, Japan and South Korea are individuals who were actually elected -- all without Russian GRU assistance.

We may quite comfortably assume that the well educated and well informed citizens of these respective countries selected -- each, of course, through its own, individual process of national representation -- notable, exceptional men to direct the course for their corresponding national interests. 

These are exceptional, smart individuals. That part is quite normal. What is abnormal sits on the US side of those negotiating tables. Trump is uneducated, unstable, uninterested, narcissistic and, importantly, impulsively bellicose. Unhappily, for the world, Trump is also well armed.

The point here is a simple one. The leaders of these powerful Asian nations all know that President Donald Trump is thoroughly invested in all these mortally lethal "developmental failings." They run through his geriatric blood at a genetic level. His arcane behavior reinforces this conclusion every time he lurches into the next Twitter tirade, and every one of these foreign leaders has seen every one of the tweets. Over and over, these foreign leaders have sat with their best analysts discussing every word the President has tweeted, assessing every word included in the content of every embarrassing tweet.

Believe me.

The leaders of these powerful Asian nations also all know that President Donald Trump can no longer credibly "sign checks" for national US policy decisions from a convincing position of Presidential power. The leaders of these powerful Asian nations all know that President Donald Trump has become a dangerously temporary "voice" for nothing more than 30% of "peculiarly irrelevant" American voters and a handful of avariciously greedy American billionaires.

One final reminder -- not one of these Asian leaders has any interest in another round of trusting avariciously greedy American billionaires. These meetings with Trump will not be "their first rodeo." Not even close. Every one of these Asian countries still bears the scars of past dealings "with America."

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