Thursday, March 29, 2018

A "Folksy," "Down Home" Update From MeanMesa

A Quick Explanation
 For These Weeks of Silence
Where has MeanMesa been vacationing?

A few months ago this blog lost its domain following a few "high tech fumbles" with One and One. Naturally, the number of the  blog's visitors dropped precipitously, and MeanMesa's conclusion was that the thing probably needed to "go quietly into the night." The timing for this decision seemed about right. Along with the drop in visitors, the frequency of irritating "interfaces" with the blog's inevitable, right wing trolls had become ponderous and disturbing.

Image result for paradise beach photo
Actually, MeanMesa has spent
 this time in Albuquerque planting
this summer's garden!
In fact, they were arriving like "the hot afternoon flies on the mayonnaise of a day old sandwich." It was MeanMesa's hope that this traffic might subside a little after a short respite in the postings, and that turned out to be the case.

So, while these little pests are busy looking elsewhere, we can begin again. For those visitors who have continued to "drop in," be assured that you are always welcome here. Right now, there are already a few posts -- including a new, MeanMesa short story -- demanding publication. Enjoy!

Even after setting aside the apparently unavoidable megalomaniac fantasies of blog authorship as much as possible, world events seem to be making this a day when Short Current Essay's voice might be more important than ever.

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