Thursday, March 29, 2018

Getting Ready for When Trump Fires Mueller

What Are You Going To Do
 After Trump Fires Mueller?
The US Justice System has been castrated.
No one is coming to help. It will be totally up to US.

At this moment -- deep in the President's fevered brain -- there is the equivalent of a "movie" being played. That "movie" is a typical narrative of another one of Trump's imaginary "scripts," and it is comprised of some insane fantasy about the "solving of this problem he has." 

[Stormy Daniels is, most likely, not included in his cast for this Mad Hatter comedy.

Because we can drum up only the most disconnected, ghostly conjecture as to what theatrical action Donald's "movie" might include in the telling of this tale, we will remain obliged to leave all the  actual, unpleasant details to be revealed only as the actual history unfolds.

However, even amid all this uncertainty, we can still be quite confident that -- soon enough -- "history will, in fact, unfold."

Having said all this, we arrive at what MeanMesa heard on last Friday's Randi Rhodes Show. The discussion there was based on a single question: "What do YOU plan to do if Trump fires Mueller?"

This question gave MeanMesa a quite unsettling call into action. It is a fair question. In fact this question poses a terrifying challenge.

If we do nothing, and if Trump's perfidy is allowed to quietly settle into something which is somehow "acceptable," we will have lost the Republic.

The Republican traitors in the Congress and the Senate have no intention of impeaching this President for this illegal act or, for that matter, any other illegal act that he might make. Trump's thinly veiled, illicit Presidency has been far too rewarding and prosperous for them.

The response to such an extravagant over reach will have to come from us. That means that we will have to take our fear in hand and march to the streets. Lots of us.

This "on the street" response will happen in the Special Prosecutor is fired by a desperate, panic driven interloper in the Oval Office. For the large majority of Americans who want nothing to do with this President, there is no where else to go. There is, at this moment, an absolute zero possibility that Trump can commit this criminal act without hell to pay.

For that, as discussed on Randi Rhodes' pod cast, we will require a few signs. Further, our appearance "on the streets" must occur in force and immediately. We need to be ready, and that includes that we need to be ready to create the signs we will be needing very quickly.

Naturally, MeanMesa is prepared with a few suggestions.
A few "ideas" for protest signs.

Of course everyone participating in this emergency response can write what they wish on the signs they carry, but -- in case any of these patriots is experiencing "writer's block" -- feel free to pick out one of these.

Also, MeanMesa recommends the selection of a fairly "substantial" stick for those signs. The brain dead Trumpkins will almost certainly be out in all their violent glory, and a sturdy sign post may prove to be quite useful.

While most of the overly tame media has already begun the expected litany about the somewhat sketchy nobility of "peaceful protest," MeanMesa suggests an equally determined decision to "not get shot," if at all possible.

Does anyone think that this is no more than an overly dramatic, geriatric tantrum?

Personal security will be an issue for many of those who exercise their First Amendment rights. Further, the likely perpetrators of such threats will not be exclusively wild eyed Trumpkins of "conveniently untroubled"  biblical lunatics or other eager criminal types. Importantly, some will also be police officers.

MeanMesa Press Passes
For All Participants
An idea from an old blog post "comes back to roost."

Update this little baby and make any other changes which might help.
Join the MeanMesa Press Team!
For those who are interested, take a moment to visit this old post: Keeping Your OCCUPY Self Safe/MeanMesa. The post was published in 2011 during the Occupy Wall Street protests.

In that post MeanMesa offered a printable image of an imaginary Press Pass which had been "authorized" by the Department of New Mexico Information Management. Of course the thing is entirely fictitious, but the thought was that by producing this thing, an American patriot might introduce just enough confusion and delay to avoid a police beating during your protest.

Printing exactly what is shown [left] could really complicate things because the dates are incorrect, so simply lifting the image might not be the best plan. This means that everyone who intends to use this Press Pass will need to recreate an "original" and its date along with the insertion of a recent photo and a signature. [Of course it doesn't need to be YOUR OWN name.]

Of course, although the MeanMesa Press Pass is an entirely fabricated and fictitious parody, effectively flashing it at a critical moment -- without any explanation -- can be interpreted as an act protected by the First Amendment. If you are planning to protest, wear the United States Constitution as if it were a "full metal jacket."

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